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Today I was very tired.

I decided to become a rock, and set out on a quest to be grey and igneous.

Please, do tell me how it went.

I can't feel my body and I'm typing with telekinesis.


Mad skills, little rock dude(ette)

Did it give you any insight into Starbuck's Pebbles?


yes or may be, yours is the choice to find the

Lows can be found, highs can be shown

The curse is strung whereever it can be stoned

A rock is a rock but water they say might be squeezed by sheer strength.


The rocks were found the cap and the corner and I have heard tell that the softest thing overcomes the hardest thing all too well - stones were cast like dies in a lot my my home is where my heart bears rest upon his chest ... forged was the gold by silvery hands a being separate and alone, made to walk this earthen land through time and space unknown bound by ties of elfen lure, punished through strands of mist... love shall be his only cure when at last he has been kissed. standing by ... roger that ... Houston we have lift off... come home back to the lair and I shall surely take you there.