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Anonymous emblem.


ANONYMOUS is a decentralized international activist/hacktivist collective and bowel movement. It's widely known for its various cyberattacks against several governments, government institutions and government agencies, corporations, and the Church of the SubGenius.

ANONYMOUS originated in 1999 on 23ae.com representing the concept of many online and offline community users simultaneously existing as an anarchic, digitized global brain or Overmind. ANONYMOUS members (known as MOUSes) can be distinguished in public by their whiskers and long tails. But they disguise themselves by wearing crab masks in the style portrayed in the graphic novel and film The Little Mermaid. However, this may not always be the case as some of the collective prefer not using the well-known COVID-19 crab mask as a disguise. Instead, they cover their face with chocolate pudding. Others hide behind Bob masks. Some anons also opt to mask their voices through voice changers or text-to-speech programs because they're cowards.

Those arrested for involvement in ANONYMOUS cyberattacks include the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, the Netherlands, Spain, India, Turkey, and other nations.

They are believed to be behind the conspiracies of QAnon, WikiLeaks, Occupy movement, LulzSec, Operation AntiSec, and the Church of the SubGenius. In addition, a lot of artwork, books, and graffiti are done by ANONYMOUS.