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Aphrodite (Listeni/æfrəˈdaɪti/ af-rə-DY-tee; Greek: Ἀφροδίτη) is the Greek goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, and procreation. Her Roman name is Venus. Not surprisingly, she is identified with the planet Venus.


800px-1863 Alexandre Cabanel - The Birth of Venus

The birth of Aphrodite with five cherubs watching including Cherub Princess Shamlicht and Cupid.

The birth of Aphrodite is described in Principia Harmonia:

Before the Days of the Five Apostles, Gaia, the Earth Mother, produced many children with Uranus, Sky Father. Uranus was her husband and also her son, conceived while Gaia shared self-pleasuring while holding hands with her sister Nyx. This was the beginning of sharies.

Now it came to pass that Uranus despised his children by Gaia and thus imprisoned them in Tartarus, being described as Gaia's secret place, her womb or bowels or both. Because there were many children, most of whom were full grown, this caused the Earth Mother great pain. She offered her children a grey Harpe, a sickle sword from Caesarea, with which to cut themselves out unto freedom. This they did, and this is called the first Caesarean section.

The children escaped, and one of them named Cronus sought revenge for his mother Gaia and for his brothers and sisters and for himself. He did take the harpe and saw his father in the sea near the Isle of Lesbos, where Gaia was sharing self-pleasuring with her sister and Uranus' aunt Nyx. Uranus meant to rape both his mother and aunt, as was his wont. But his son Cronus drew forth the harpe, and with its blade sharper than any other sword did cut off the penis and testicles of Uranus. This became known as The Great Castration, and is a lesson to men who would force themselves onto women. This is also why Uranus does not have genitals.

Cronus then tossed the genitalia of Uranus behind himself, and it sank under the sea. Cronus said, "I sunk Uranus." This then became known as the Game of Sink. For the liquid whiteness that did come forth from it and did mix with the fluids of the sea, he did declare the mixture to be "sea foam" which was, indeed, the first foam seen on the sea.

Zeus, son of Cronus, took onto himself his grandfather's genitals, and wore them as his own. He then used them to mate with Dione while both were under the sea. As prophecized by Cronus, the merger produced a daughter who became known as Aphrodite, meaning "she who shines from the foam of the sea."

The Original Snub[]

Aphrodite was one of the five goddesses (Principia Discordia identifies three) who fought over the golden apple labled "to the prettiest one" that was tossed into the wedding party of Peleus and Thetis. Zeus has not invited Eris to the wedding on the belief that she was a troublemaker. Because of this, The Original Snub, she threw in the apple which led the goddesses to fight over which one of them it was for.ke