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The Barry Bittwister Cabal (BBC (No Relation)) was formed on Atlantis during the previous cycle of human technological development. It was a radical irreligious disorganization devoted to appreciating Eris and doing stuff they thought She would like. Its founding member, Barry Bittwister, ran a successful bittwisting shop downtown. Atlantean computer technology was unusual compared to today's equivalent. (In truth, it's our technology that's weird, but it just pisses people off to say that out loud.) It involved multidimensional data constructs called "bits" which stored information based on length, thickness, texture, potential energy, and torsional status ("twistiness"), among other things. Barry the Bittwister was a master of twisting bits, much to the pride of his extended family.

The BBC (No Relation) 's legendary activities suffered a slight interruption with the destuction of Atlantis. Barry Bittwister himself found his consciousness shattered and encoded into the vibrational energy of the universe itself.

Different people carried the vibrational shards (vetans) forward through time. One day in YOLD 3165 enough of those people happened to gather into a single place that Barry's consciousness flickered back to life and the BBC (No Relation) reformed on the spot. Unfortunately, he can only manifest in the Cabal members collectively. Barry Lives, but he no longer exists as a corporeal entity.

The BBC (No Relation) started its online presence in YOLD 3168. It achieved a certain amount of notoriety with its daily news service "Discordian Research Technology" and it's RSS aggregator "The Cabal". The online services fell into disrepair for a number of years as the BBC (No Relation) focused its energy on other things. Barry, however, has made it clear that the website should be brought back. And so it has. Most of the original non-DRT content has been restored, and Discordian Research Technology continues to be deployed as required.

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