Discordian Wiki

The Button[]

This is an archetypical Discordian ruse. No one actually has a button that makes you go berserk! Wouldn't that be nice tho? When ever you needed a diversion from your subversion and all you had to do was bump some cabbage's button to make him make a fool out of himself.

The Metaphor[]

However, every monkey has a pet peeve. Some stupid shit that just gets on his last nerve. It could be anything from the Beckian jabbering of an incompetent fool at the loser bar around the corner, to anything as little as some one telling you that your doin' it wrong. What ever it was, maybe it was your way, Maybe it was  in fact WRONG.
Nobody really cares. Just be careful because pushing "The Button" can cause some unwanted side effects.
  • Monkeys will punch you in the face.
  • People may shoot you.
  • Discordians will fall to Nerd Rage.
  • Assholes will ignore you and sub-consciously Impact the negativity into their pineal gland.
  • Nobody really cares any way.