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The Bible(in southern areas also known as "El'Bib") is a bestselling crossing between novel and hobbyist's cookbook and was said to have been scripted, planned and directed by George W. Jehova. It gained additional fame for excessive use of different aggressive opiates, introducing the world's first NC-17 porn ("Song of Songs") and rumors of Aneris or even Our Lady of Discord having written it in a bitchy mood.

Original Edition[]

The first edition starts with the fascinating, but logically absurd creation myth of Moses and the rest of his award-winning Pentalogy, then proceeds to several case-studies concerning drugs. This was released later as "A God's simple manual for massacre, rape and destruction".


In YOLD 1166, a sequel was performed on stage, which was later novelized by John, Paul, George and Ringo and added to the original volume. Fans were also allowed to send in some letters with their fanfiction for publication, However, due to a lack of cooperation from the romans, it had to be rewritten after somebody of the main cast was crucified and had to spend some time in the cellar. When he finally was released after heavy negotiations with his father, he joyously extended his cellar to a torture-chamber he called hell.