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Not to be confused with the writer Binky The WonderSkull

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Binky the WonderSkull is a proposed Discordian relic as Binky may be part of the body of a Discordian saint. Binky once possessed the Lost Panties of Minnie Rae which is an icon of a Discordian saint.

Binky The WonderSkull was discovered on Nov. 1, 1994, by Fargo The Homeless in a trash dumpster behind the Cock and Crow Pub in Sanderson, California. Binky loves traveling and meeting beautiful dolls who for some reason like to pose with him/her/it. He/She/It also has a collection of dead pets, but they don't care if they're posed or not. Binky can't talk because, as everybody knows, a skull has no tongue.

Binky is associated with the grave digger joke, "scoop up the fun" that was referenced by Stephen Colbert on his first night hosting The Tonight Show on Tuesday, 8 September 2015.