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The Booga Booga Cabal of Discordians is a Discordian Cabal called Booga Booga.

Message from Booga Booga Cabal[]

Pope Fuzzlewhump, First of that name, Keeper of the Sacred Chao and Episkipos of the Booga Booga Cabal invites you to join him in the Greater Denver Colorado area for your one-stop destination for Discordianism and fun. Expect the unexpected: Skee Ball, putt putt golf, bowling! Make on-line friends from all over the world (UK, France, Italy and more) on MeetUp.com via the Aurora Discordian group. Steve Jackson of Steve Jackson Games is the B.B.C.’s newest Saint. Pope F. has also been instrumental in reissuing the Principia Discordia in a handsome edition suitable for both personal use and gift giving. (978-1-953134-23-3 available Here).

Join Us. You know you want to.