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BOOM - The Element of Surprise

Boom is the sudden and the unexpected, the strident and "In Yer Face" element.

Boom is the kind of element that makes for a great but exhausting party, often of the kind where construction work is needed the morning after.

Boom is alas, short lived, it is not an element whose influence works for long. Strong, powerful, Vigorous but Brief.

Sweet-Boom is a happy surprise, Prickle-Boom is a nasty shock, Orange-Boom is shattering Panic.

Boom bears the conceptual number 4 and its colour is the same as the stars you see when you hit your head.

The element of hearing. Pay attention!

Invocation: Boom is the element that started it all. The echoes of the Big Boom still vibrate through the known universe. The waves of that mighty primordial explosion still splash about, sometimes spreading outward, sometimes crashing in on one another, or getting caught in vast celestial toilet bowls and forming spiral galaxies. It was a chaotic eddy in one of those toilet bowls that formed our sun, and the gurgling splash of that eddy that formed the planets. We are of the froth splashing atop the mighty waves of this expanding universe. It is thanks to the chaotic force that this froth is ever dancing, ever changing. May we grow and change in harmony with the forces of creative chaos.

Dismissal: Oh boom, I don't know if it will do much to dismiss you since no matter what I say, the echoes of the Big Boom will continue to reverberate throughout the All, but then again who am I to say what you can and can't do? Just keep the chaotic motion and dance of the universe going. May the heat death of the universe be ever averted. Hail and sleet and fare well.

Day: Boomtime