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Brother-in-law in the image of the Tramp C

Brother-in-law aka Gary Kirstein aka Everette Howard Hunt Jr. aka Robert Dietrich aka Gordon Davis aka David St. John aka Edward Warren aka Edward J Hamilton aka Hugh W. Newstead aka Eduardo aka the Tramp C was the fifth person to join the Discordian Society. He was the one who inspired the Law of Fives. Brother-in-law lived 88 years, he was a key figure in the Watergate scandal, after which he was convicted of burglary, conspiracy, and wiretapping, eventually serving 33 months in prison. Presumably, under the auspices of the CIA, he was involved in organizing the assassinations of the Kennedy brothers, Martin Luther King, coups in Guatemala and Cuba, and many other covert US government operations that wreak Chaos around the world and discredit the authority of the federal government.

Plotting with Omar[]

According to Omar's latest interview by Erisian Elestria Brother-in-law was Omar's accomplice in the greatest US conspiracy:

During one of the Saturday or Sunday morning visits Slim and I made to his cottage, Brother-in-law asked me if I thought people ought to be free, legally and socially, to form any kind of family structure or group living situation they wanted.

My answer was one he could easily have anticipated, since I was thought odd even among the Bohemians of the French Quarter for my outspoken devotion to free love and group marriage. This was previous to the time when Robert Heinlein's novel, Stranger in a Strange Land, popularized that notion among hipsters. One of my novel projects was a humorous fictionalized account of my own unsuccessful attempts to attract converts to join me in a group marriage.

After obtaining my enthusiastic agreement about at least that much, Brother-in-law looked at me with a glint in his eye , and said: "I'm sure you recall that Omar Khayyam verse about smashing this sorry scheme of things."

That I was very much into Omar Khayyam was something else he knew. "Yes! Something about if we could conspire to shatter this sorry scheme of things and mold another one, nearer to the heart's desire! That's one of my favorite quatrains."

"Kerry, how would you like to conspire with me to shatter this sorry scheme of things?"

"Great. When do we start?"

"It's going to take years. And I can't tell you much about it, because it's going to have to be very secretive. You are going to have to work on a need-to-know basis, just like you did when you had a security clearance in the Marines. You will receive only enough information to perform your part of the work." Then he paused and looked at me and asked, "Is that okay?"

"It's okay with me," I answered eagerly.

As a result of this conspiracy, the Discordian spirit infiltrated the top of the US government, which, in a twisty way, led to the assassination of the hypocritical Democratic leader.

Nixon's revenge 553[]

According to information received from Sherman Skolnick, Brother-in-law used the services of his first lovely wife to blackmail Richard Nixon, possessing documents confirming the former vice president's involvement in the initiation of the president's assassination.

"One of the documents the Hunts were using to blackmail the President, according to Skolnick, is a top secret National Security Council memorandum bearing the signature of then President Dwight D. Eisenhower. The memorandum is dated November 22, 1960, just weeks after Kennedy was elected President and while Eisenhower was filling out his term as the nation's chief executive.

The memorandum says, according to Skolnick, that in the opinion of the Eisenhower National Security Council John F. Kennedy's ascendancy to the office of the Presidency was not in the best interests of the country. 'The Eisenhower National Security Council took it upon themselves,' Skolnick said, 'to declare Kennedy a threat to the national security.'

The private researcher said the NSC document recommends 'in so many words' that JFK be dealt with so he could not hold the office of the Presidency. The memorandum, according to Skolnick, 'recommends that Kennedy be murdered.'...

In November of 1960, the date of the top secret memorandum, Richard Nixon was Vice President of the United States and thus a member of the NSC. If the NSC document is authentic, as Skolnick says it is, then Nixon was one of those who recommended that Kennedy be murdered."

Preventing the distribution of such documents, the government organized the United Airlines Flight 553 plane crash in which Dorothy, Brother-in-law's beloved wife, died. Brother-in-law endured the death of his lovely wife.

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