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Buddy asstain3

Buddy Asstain.

Buddy Asstain is co-founder with Kallias Fausto, Pislode, and Selkey of Subgenius Universal Church of Kallisti.

Personal life[]

Buddy Asstain was born as a girl to Sister Asstain in a police station in Dallas, Texas. The sister was in jail waiting for trial after allegedly assaulting Father Fundament nine months earlier. Police had assumed the reports of two witnesses who asserted what they saw were correct. But the witnesses were using assumed names. Bonnie and Cob were actually the associates Levin Assenberg and Pisin Assink.

One day the girl Buddy realized you can't tell a boy ass from a girl ass. Not without looking under the donkey. So Buddy became a boy.


Buddy is a student at Yuck Fou High School. Buddy loves assisting teachers, school assemblies, and assembling dolls and weapons of ass destruction.