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Holyday of the season of Bureaucracy. Celebrated on Bureaucracy 50, or 26 September (Gregorian).

The peak of Bureaucracy's influence. This is the the greyest of the Whollydays, but it is bittersweet. True, bureaucracy is supreme on this day, but it is the last day that this is so, so celebrate the passing of Bureaucracy! Although it is true that bureaucracy passes due to the inescapable Law of Escalation, and the following season (The Aftermath) is a time of picking up the pieces, we are past the darkest time and proceed onward to the day when Joyous Chaos returns.

Coincides with Stanislav Petrov Day, when, in 1983, Soviet officer Stanislav Petrov declined to report what appeared to be a nuclear strike by the US, in clear defiance of orders, and saved an untold number of lives.


  • This is a legal Discordian religious holiday, recognized by the US government, and Discordians are within their rights to demand the day off from work. This isn't recommended for Bureflux, however, as this particular holiday is best celebrated in places of extreme bureaucracy.
  • This is an excellent day to perform the Paper Clip Sacrifice at your workplace.
  • Have an accountant party. Invite every accountant you know to it, and make all nonaccountants dress like accountants and talk constantly using accountant-like nonsense. Instead of business cards, the fake accountants should hand out Pope cards when introducing themselves.
  • Imbibe large quantities of your preferred intoxicant.
  • Pie a politician.
  • Make a cake shaped like a politician's head (a phallus). Have sex with it or castrate it, as you prefer.