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  1. Chaos - Patron Apostle Hung Mung
  2. Discord - Patron Apostle Dr. Van Van Mojo
  3. Confusion - Patron Apostle Sri Syadasti
  4. Bureaucracy - Patron Apostle Zarathud
  5. The Aftermath - Patron Apostle Malaclypse the Elder

Days of the WeekEdit

  1. Sweetmorn
  2. Boomtime
  3. Pungenday
  4. Prickle-Prickle
  5. Setting Orange

The days of the week are named from the five Basic Elements: Sweet, Boom, Pungent, Prickle, and Orange.


Main article: Holyday
Main article: Whollyday

Apostle HolydaysEdit

  1. Mungday
  2. Mojoday
  3. Syaday
  4. Zaraday
  5. Maladay

Each occurs on the 5th day of the Season

Season HolydaysEdit

  1. Chaoflux
  2. Discoflux
  3. Confuflux
  4. Bureflux
  5. Afflux

Each occurs on the 50th day of each Season

St. Tib's DayEdit

St. Tib's Day occurs once every 4 years (1+4=5) and is inserted between the 59th and 60th days of the Season of Chaos.

Discordian Affiliate WhollydaysEdit

Main article: Whollyday

Other Calendrical Holydays keep cropping up. They are known as Discordian Affiliate Holydays, Whollydays, This Cool Thing I Thought Of, or Blue Dress Specials.

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