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Chaoflux is a Holyday of the season of Chaos. It is celebrated on Chaos 50 (Discordian calendar) or February 19 (Gregorian calendar).

Very little is known about this holyday. What we do know is pretty much made up as we go along.


Chaoflux recognizes the Chaos or Void that nonexisted before the beginning. It is also about changing into discord, a more or less organized version of chaos. This can be accomplished by convincing your friends and loved ones to change their minds about decisions that they make throughout the day.

Therefore, using Stumbleupon, pick the fifth website, translate into your favorite fictional language, and memorize your favorite paragraph. Mutter it quietly or sing it loudly as the situation demands you not do.

It is also traditionally acceptable to partake in a rousing game of Calvinball, as the only rule in Calvinball is that it can never be played the same way twice. One should note that - by invoking papal infallibility - this rule may be suspended at any time. One Thousand Blank White Cards may be played as a substitute by those who are too lazy to run around.

A traditional Chaoflux feast consists of whatever you randomly grab from the refrigerator, a glass of whatever you randomly grab from the liquor cabinet, and fermented pineapple.

Those born on Chaoflux are a special sort of something although no-one is really quite sure what. Help them celebrate by gifting them a fresh fish in butchers paper. Whether the fish is alive or not is up to you and, quite frankly, the fish.

All your base are belong to us.