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Celebrated on the 50th day of Confusion, Confuflux is that season's Holyday.

Chaos and Discord have come and dropped a great load on us all, resulting in Confusion. This is the fluxiest of holydays, as this is the point at which we are reminded that the Law of Escalation goes both ways: imposition of order leads to an escalation of disorder, naturally; but also the imposition of disorder leads to an escalation of order. Equality is commutative. Next season is Bureaucracy. Party now in preparation.

It's also the admin's birthday.


  • This is a legal Discordian religious holiday, recognized by the US government. You are within you rights to demand the day off from work.
  • Street theater.
  • Speak to everyone by pronouncing the words as if they were spelled backwards.
  • Imbibe large quantities of your preferred intoxicant.
  • Hand out fliers on a street corner that are printed in a made-up language, like Elvish or Theban. If translated they should say, "Cthulhu for President: When you're tired of voting for the lesser of two evils."
  • Perform five completely random and spontaneous acts.
  • Drive/bike/walk in a direction you have never gone before. Travel randomly. Stop by a gas station and ask for directions to Thuddite Manor.
  • Unleash your inner maniac.
  • Wear a tie to the pool, and swimming trunks to the opera.