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Conject Redlinks is a concerted effort to create more red links, because red is a pretty color.

Red links are a funny thing. They started out on Wikipedia as a friendly reminder that there was something out there that nobody had written about, but apparently the [[{Greyface}Wikipedia editors]] didn't get it, because instead of making up the articles, they started taking down the links!

Conject Redlinks asks if you edit a page, please pick a term and link it with the brackety thingies. If you don't see something you really want to see linked, write something new on the page and link to that. It's okay - we like it when you edit! Link to as much as you want, as long as you leave at least one new red link on the page.

Ergo, red links are good. Red is pretty. Blue is pretty too, but black is really just dark grey. Therefore, if you're faced with a red link, it's okay to make it blue, but never, ever make it black.


Conject:Redlink has not been approved by The MGT.