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Connie Dobbs

Constance "Connie" Marsh Dobbs is the first and primary wife of Church of the SubGenius co-founder J.R. "Bob" Dobbs. She is also the co-founder of the Home for Slackless Children which inspired Shamlicht Kids Club. She's a member of the Order of the Pineapple and is a Discordian saint. She is also an unaging morpher.

Early life[]

Connie Dobbs

Connie Dobbs

Constance Marsh was born 4 July 1922 in Dallas, Texas. She was born to Mr. Marsh and Mrs. Simpson-Marsh who was a descendant of Mary "Minnie Rae" Simpson. Similar to Goddess Eris who, like tribbles, was born pregnant, she was born an anti-virgin.

Connie's early friends including "Juicy" Johnson (later known as "Juicy" Retardo), and Bobby Dobbs (later known as J.R. "Bob" Dobbs). She is said to be a favorite of Goddess Eris. She was also said to be a favorite of then American president Franklin Delano Roosevelt who caught her and friends skinnydipping.


From her girlhood to womanhood, Connie worked as a model. As an adult, she became an actress, appearing in several productions including The Big Willy Show. She also founded the Home for Slackless Children associated with Shamlicht Kids Club. (The home is primarily for orphans, the club is primarily for children stuck with parents).


Connie's flag

Along with Miley Ray Cyrus, Connie was admitted to the Order of the Pineapple on 18 January 2017. She was declared a Discordian saint by the Mythics of Harmonia on July 4, 2015. She qualified by performing the required "2.3 miraculous or wondrous or smagmoidally weird acts of an ek-sen-trik discordian nature, whether before or during or after death" (Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia: The Tales of Shamlicht, "FAQs About Saints.") She was also recognized as a saint by being considered a "Divinely Revered Object of Obscene Lust."

100th Birthday Party[]

100 Years Connie Dobbs version2

Several celebrations were planned in honor of Connie's 100th birthday (officially July 4, 2022). In a pre-birthday event, Connie attended Rainbow Grove where, assisted by JoX the Bobtist aka Charlie Muck, she led a Sunday service on June 12, 2022. She spoke, sang, and danced while morping into different forms. Connie appeared in a virtual X-Day on Discord on July 4, 2022. In person, Connie's life was celebrated at 100 Years of Connie Dobbs from July 1 - 4, 2022, at the Hilton Hotel in Austin, Texas.

Her 100th birthday was recognized by many media services and groups including Shamlicht Kids Club, Home for Slackless Children, SCIFI.radio, Church of the SubGenius, Subgenius Wikia Clench, and Discordia Wiki.

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