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Consequence of Eristic Escalation


To understand fnord one must dnorf that all things have opposites, intricacies, and Consequences.
  1. The consequence of knowing is being unable to manipulate
  2. The intricacies of Eris may never be manipulated.
  3. The opposite of balance is not chaos.
  4. The intricacies of law lead inevitably to consequence.
  5. Order inevitably leads to chaos as chaos inevitably leads to consequence.

The law of Consequence[]

The Law of Eristic Escalation indicates that the longer order prevails, the more the thwarted energies of balance (Chaos) build, the stronger the effect of the ensuing disorder.

  1. A career dissident, one who is a master of creating disorder, ends up in an ordered grey box.
  2. A man who drinks heavily for years until his behavior is out of control is sent to rehab by a judge, and becomes a proselytizing teetotaller.
  3. An anarchist youth grows up to be a politician.
  4. A crowd in apparent mayhem, when faced with additional mayhem in the form of a crisis, naturally orders itself until the crisis passes.