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A Whollyday occurring on 70 Discord aka 23 May. Called the Defenestration of Prague Day, The day is also know as Jake Day Jr. and Day of the Elppin.

The Defenestration of Prague Day[]

The day on which several Roman officials in Prague were thrown out of the window of Hradcany Castle by Protestant nobles, surviving the fall in the process. The Catholic Church attributed their miraculous rescue to the help of angels in the right cause, while the Protestants attributed it to a huge dung heap under the castle windows. In the Discordian religion this day is celebrated annually as a significant feast day, the 70th in the season of discord. In the Gregorian calendar this event falls on the extremely holy day of the 23rd of the 5th month.


The Defenestration of Prague: angels will help send these Roman officials to the dung heap.

The beginning of the Thirty Years' War[]

The Defenestration of Prague event marked the beginning of the "Thirty Years' War", a series of military conflicts in the Roman Empire that affected almost all European regions to varying degrees. Modern historiography considers that the "Thirty Years' War" began on May 23, 1618 of the Gregorian calendar, and its victims were 8 million people (mostly Germans and Slavs). The war ended 30 years later with the Peace of Westphalia and the establishment of the current Westphalian system, which recognises the principle of "national state sovereignty" and formally marks the consolidation of such concepts as: nations, states and international law.

The beginning of discord in Orthodoxy[]

The same day in the Russian history, but 48 years later - 23rd of May 1666 according to the Gregorian calendar (13th of May 7174 years from creation of the world according to the modern Julian calendar), is considered to be the day of the church split, when by decision of the Nikonian Council the Protopopop Avvakum was anathematized and as a result Orthodoxy got split into Old Belief (Drevlepravoslavie) and New Belief (Nikonianism).

New Belief vs Old Belief

Discord in Orthodoxy: New Belief vs Old Belief.

Some modern revisionists suppose that the Western Prague Defenestration and the Eastern Anathema of Avvakum reflect a single process: the beginning of the split of the Roman Empire into parts, in the form of a religious discord of the once common religious structure into Catholicism, Protestantism and Orthodoxy. Also, some revisionists cite evidence that both the Anathema of Avvakum and the Defenestration of Prague were deliberately misdated, and that these events took place not 350-400 years ago, but perhaps just about 200-250 years ago.

Other events[]

Also in modern historiography, on this extremely holy day on the 23rd of the 5th month of the Gregorian calendar, occur: The Battle of Heiligerlee, the first battle in the so-called "Eighty Years' War"; the Battle of Ramillies, one of the biggest battles in the War of the Spanish Succession; the capture of Joan of Arc during the Siege of Compiègne, during the so-called "Hundred Years' War"; the Battle of Dandanaqan, which launched the advance of the Turkomans into West Asia, into the territories of the Eastern Roman Empire; the Battle of Clavijo, one of the most famous battles of the Reconquista, and several other events of significance to national histories.

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