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Discordia is the name of more than one musical group.

Discordia (Melbourne)[]

Discordia was an industrial band from Melbourne, Australia, in the mid 90s. It was formed from the ashes of Soulscraper. Discordia were set to be the first Australian band signed to Roadrunner records, but was not due to internal conflicts. Discordia began life when Sade Lava met James Lynch at Relic Records; the original concept was for Sade to join Soulscraper as vocalist. Over time it was felt a heavier direction was required, so James, Jim and Sade created Discordia.



  • Greg Trull (Dreadnaught) - vocals
  • Jim Shnookal (Soulscraper) - keyboards and programming
  • James Lynch (Soulscraper, Shreen, Vicious Circle, Children of Sorrow, Good andEvil, The Prostitutes, Rope, Sweet Revenge, The Mumblers)- drums and programming
  • Sade Lava (Ran Maclurkin) (Sickman, doll juice, Mince Kitten, Spine of God) - guitar, vocals, programming
  • Fee Omens (Mince Kitten, Spine of God) - bass (live)

Later members[]

  • Chris "Hilly" Hill (Damaged) - guitar
  • Phaedra Press (Womnal)(Rope) - bass



  • Living Dead (1995) - Siren Entertainment
  • Gunwitch (1996) - Siren Entertainment


  • Living Dead (1996) - Heartland Records

Discordia (Peru)[]

Discordia is the name of a band that performed in Peru.

Discordia (Petaluma)[]

Discordia was a technical death metal band formed in Petaluma, California, United States.

The band formed in 2006 and broke up in October 2011.



  • The Great Collapse EP (2007) - Independent
  • Discordia (2007) - Independent

Discordia (San Francisco)[]

Discordia was a symphonic metal band formed in San Francisco, California, United States.

The band formed in 2011, and split up in 2018.



  • Discordia (2015) - independent

List of bands named Discordia (or Discordian variations)[]

  • Band name    Genre    Country
  • Discordia     Thrash Metal/Crossover    Argentina
  • Discordia     Industrial Metal    Australia
  • Discordia     Death Metal    Brazil
  • Discordia     Death Metal/Grindcore    El Salvador
  • Discordia     Atmospheric Black Metal    Germany
  • Discordia     Heavy Metal/Hard Rock    Italy
  • Discordia     Symphonic Metal    Japan
  • Discordia     Heavy Metal    Mexico
  • Discordia     Death/Thrash Metal    Poland
  • Discordia     Death Metal    Turkey
  • Discordia     Technical Death Metal    United States
  • Discordia     Symphonic Metal    United States
  • Discórdia Profana     Black Metal    Brazil
  • Immortal Discordia     Death Metal    Bulgaria
  • Omnia Discordia     Death Metal    United States
  • Ministério da Discórdia     Heavy/Thrash Metal    Brazil
  • Symphony of Discordia     Death/Doom Metal    Brazil
  • The Hearth of Discordia     Deathcore    Russia
  • Diskordia (a.k.a. Discordia)     Symphonic Doom Metal    United Kingdom
  • Chuy (a.k.a. Chuy Discordia, Discordia Chuy, José de Jesús Regalado de la Torre)     Heavy Metal    Mexico

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