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A Discordian American Princess, or DAP can be a girl who is a peace-sign flashing, tie-dye wearing or unwearing, discord-loving anti-Greyface girl, or a daughter (or niece) of a Discordian/Erisian. They may also have begun with a pure, wholesome image, such as a Disney Princess, that suddenly changed when they did something shocking. DAPs aren't necessarily Discordians, Americans, or Princesses. But you can tell who they are.

Many DAPs are also Hippie Love Discordians.


The term Discordian American Princess, or DAP is believed to have been coined by Grand Master Pinto deRohan Digger, of the Knights of the Falcon of Malta during the early 80's. It was popularized by Icarus, Reverend Loveshade, Princess Unicornia, Miley Spears and others.

Original Days[]

Discordian American Princess article (originally from Rae's Blog at http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.listAll&friendID=86141633&startID=180045726&StartPostedDate=2006-10-13%2019:50:00&next=1&page=2&Mytoken=D3DD94DA-545D-47A6-802042CCB16E4938156483787 Rae may been named after the Discordian Saint Minnie Rae).

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Once again, crazy religion phelosophy's of my dad Current mood: indescribable Category: Religion and Philosophy

Remember a rule of Discordians, "never believe what you read" but for your wonderful enjoyment… (or if you're too damn lazy only read what I put in Bold)

Children, Mothers, Discordian American Princesses and other matters related to the Priestesshood by I'D Digger, 7-8-86

Originally for release to 70KFMs, 50DDDDs, and equivalents in sister traditions; as of 12—5—88 for release to 40 KFMs, 30 DDDDS, and all higher degrees.

Star Children of the Apple of Ens (Saes) are 40 KFMs who were born after Sput­nik was launched:Oct. 4, 1957. At the original writing of this, there were 5 Saes in existence: myself, Lady Alice, Lady Scorpio, Sir Whathefuk and Sir Lush. All Saes should have the words Star Child and a star between them on their 40 or 70KFM or 50 DDDD certificates.

Mothers of the Star Children (MScs) are either mothers who have given birth to more than one Star Child (MSC-l's) or 70 KFM Priestesses born before Sputnik was laun­ched who have passed Star Children through the Needle's eye and made them 40KFMs, These Priestesses are MSC—2's.

Lady Maude of the Coyote Cabal is our first !ISC-1. Alice and Scorpio are her blood daughters. Lady Val of Valhalla Chapter is our 1st MSC-2. Whathefuk and Lush are her children by initiation. I, of course, was conceived immaculately by Eris.(?)

Discordian American Princesses (daps) are created in at least 3 different ways.

1st, there are natural born daps. They generally appear happy, have been born since Sputnik was launched, and thus are potential Star Children, and surround them­selves with peace signs, rainbows, '60's music and other Discordian memorabilia. They generally will not even know that they're daps (untill their dad tells them… *cough*). A good place to look for these daps is among the children of the original Hippies.

Q: How do you know when a Discordian American Princess has cum?

A: She hands you a POPE card.

2nd, the daughters of the Discordian Eristocracy are flaps. Any daughter of a Priest or Priestess of Eris, a KFM Mullah, an Episkopos of ANY Discordian tradition, or of any of the 4 Pillars of Discordianism (Kerry ThornJLey, Greg Hill, Bob Shea and Bob Wilson) are automatically flaps. Luna Wilson is the Matron Saint of Daps.

3rd, a Priestess of Eris in the Midwest Semper Discordian Dis-Organization (MSDD) tradition may become a dap by becoming a Dually Aspected Priestess of Eris (dapoe).

A Dapoe is a Priestess of Eris (Poe) who has come through either the KF1~T to the 70 or the DDDD to the 50 and then crosses over by taking the Poe vows of the oppo­site organization. Any Poe who does this is a Dapoe, and therefore automatically also a. Dsp.

Of course, there are limits for a Dapoe. A KFN Dapoe can only give the DDDD tv. and cannot form a Cabal of the DDDD without undergoing the DDDD Priestess Training. They can, however, take this training without passing through the j0~40 of the PDDD.

Any DDDD receiving their jO from a KF'M Dapoe is considered a Free Radical. A DDDD Dapoe can help a KFM Mullah give the KFM 40 to his Knights, but she can­not Knight anyone herself or form a KFM Cabal. She can, however, take the KFM 70 training without ever having been Knighted or gone through any KFM degrees.

If she does so, she still cannot form a Cabal by Knighting someone, even though she can start a Chapter, unless and until she passes through the KFM.

Conversely, a Discordian American Princess is automatically a Dually Aspected Priestess if she takes BOTH sets of vows without having to pass through EITHER degree stru5~ure, and is therefore a Discordian American Princess Dually Aspected Priestess (dap2). She is, however, bound by the limits on BOTH sides, and must take both sets of vows. S ~e cannot enter just one of the Priestesshoods this way.

A flap can give the KFM 4~' in conjunction with a Mulish of the Apple of Eris, and give the DDDD i~ to form Free Radicals, but can form no Cabals or Chapters of either group, or Knight Knights, or progress in either structure without further trai­ning in that system.

Priestesses of Eris from other Discordian traditions should be recognized as such. They too may take the vows of a Poe in either system (or both) without passing through the degree structure. But they are bound by the same disadvantages as the flap 's, and should be considered almost as such if they take both sets of vows. But, because of their prior POE status, they should be considered Dap s, with Poe status in their own, the KFM and DDDD traditions. They too may enter the POEE training with out passing through the initial degrees.

(Yes I wrote this

The original DAP sheet is now Kopylefted -- I!)

See what happens when I go to talk to my dad about religion right when I come of my first ever roll?It's awesome… I'm not crazy!!!!

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