Not all of the following links are explicitly Discordian, but they all have a very Discordian bend and might have fun participating in our projects. Spread word to these action zones!

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Forums Edit - SPAGS - large, fast, irreverent Discordian community. The home of Intermittens, OMGASM, Radio Free Discordia, and zillions of other awesome projects. - Eris Bar and Grill forums  DEAD AND GONE - POEE UK WEBSITE DEACTIVATED - Aktion 23, German language Discordian forum

Blogs Edit - Cramulus' blog about adventures in modern living. - Discordian blogger, routinely gets several replies per entry - Home of the Barry Bittwister Cabal. Discordian Research Technology and general hodgepodge. - Discordian/political blog/online zine - Subgenii/Discordian blogger, several readers - same as above - Discordian blogger that also discusses skepticism - Finnish Discordian - Aussie Discordian - Kraut Discordian - Radio Discordia Podcast Archive w/RSS feed, A former side project from: DISCORDIA Culture Shop; Founded by Gavriel Discordia. Features Mash-ups, Spoken Word, Indie Rock Fare. No longer active as of June 2010, but serves as a permanent archive of some of the most obscure and need to know works from the likes of The FireSign Theatre, William Burroughs, and alot more. Facebook page still up. - A blog that looks at current events and modern life from a discordian point of view. - A collaborative blogging project, anarchist distro, and esoteric free press covering a range of topics such as self-reliance, counterculture, social decentralization, cognitive liberty, parapsychology & metaphysics. Also- RAW, Leary, and McKenna archives/links/commentary. - The Fractal Cult, tumblr community for original content

WikisEdit - Seti 23 wiki community indexing many Discordian items, unfortunately the software is a bit unstable - the discordian wikia community -- Original Uncyclopedia, what Wikipedia should be -- New Uncyclopedia, what Wikipedia should be -- German language Discordian wiki by Aktion 23

Misc. Sites and Communities Edit -- home of the Discordian Division of the Ek-sen-triks CluborGuild, Mythics of Harmonia, Discordians for Jesus, and originator of most well-known Discordian Whollydays -- home of Shamlicht Kids Club, a club for Discordian kids - the 23 apples of eris cabal - Discordian Online Library of the MMM - A repository of all the various Discordian documents they have collected that are considered important (or not) by the various cabal's/groups/individuals among the community. - possible recruitment area Yes, they're fuckwits, but... [[1]] a Discordian webcomic. - a webcomic that tracks the return of The Apple after it's disappearance in ancient times. - A new series of Xtranormal characters who are Discordian friends and co-workers. Think Ab-fab ofr discordians. - a the German community board A storefront with Designer Toys, and various art and clothing etc. No Discordian items per se, but has adopted the spirit of Discordianism for its business philosophy, by creating a store aimed at disrupting the corporate hedgmony on consumerism while supporting independent art and culture. As seen in Clutter Magazine Issue 23. A design and production house that caters to unconventional clients such as non-profits, protest groups, musicians, and artists such as The Super Sucklord. They also produce and manufacture some damn fine Discordian goods sold through Populous Ephemera along with various pop culture goods and activist stickers.   - Self proclaimed Discordian Kingdom and micronation.

LJ groups Edit

Myspace, Facebook, and other Web2.0 groups Edit largest Discordian group on FB CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE Discordian American Princesses who are naked under their clothes Cloved Lemon Kissing Game where you can smack away Discordian Commerce Guild - part of Operation Indieprenuer - Free Chaos to a good home - probably 20+ active members - as above - possible recruitment ground - fewer members than the others, but still 200 profiles on the member roll (link probably wont work, put Discordian in the search engine on site) - Largest Discordian group on Facebook, roughly 1500 members.

(There are at least 32 other groups on Facebook, at least 10 of which have 80 some-odd members) facebook page of Aktion23 and the 100,000 for Stephen Colbert group on Facebook - Discordianisme Hyves: Dutch Discordian community, about as active as a tombstone, with some translations of holy texts - The Discordian Reddit - King Kong died for your sins! - The Association of Silly Spiritualists, Bonded in Truth and Trust (ASSBUTT) is a diplomatic alliance of Discordians, Dudeists, Pastafarians, Sub-Genius, and any other assorted silly cultists, joined together for the purpose of many laughs and crazy parties which may or may not be cult initiations. - The ASSBUTT Brasil, also known as Bundinha, core group of The ASSBUTT founded by Timóteo Pinto

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