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Dottie Darling and friends

Dottie Darling is a Discordian sockpuppeteer known for her/his/their/es work in acting, modeling, art, politics, the military, and for co-founding Dottie's Day Care.


Dottie was born March 1, 1931 to Charles and Nancy Darling in Springfield.

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Dottie Darling's friend Flora McFlimsy


In 1934, she and friend Flora McFlimsy were photographed by Corinne Pauli Waterall-Snowman who planned to use them as models for paper dolls for the company Scampy Ultra Cool Kids. Because of the limitations of cameras in the 1930s, to make the preschool models convincingly look like paper dolls, the kids were flattened with a steamroller.

The kids were called "cool" because they were often portrayed wearing very short dresses while with a snowman, or pictured in their underwear. Or not.


World War II work. (All the people pictured are Dottie Darling.)

World War II[]

After lying about both her age and gender, on September 11, 1941, the 10-year-old female Dottie enlisted in the U.S. Army Air Corps. This was under the identify of 18-year-old male Marc "Ed" Rose. As Rose, he later became a member of the 450th Bomb Group, 720th Bomb Squadron’s ‘Dottie Darling’. Why the squadron was named after Dottie is unknown; it is suspected the members learned who "Marc" really was, but kept it secret.

The American squadron was captured by the Germans. They were then transported to Luft Stalag 13, During the capture, Rose took a killed soldier's identity of Ethan McGowen. McGowen and other prisoners then performed undercover work against the Nazi-controlled military.

As part of a Nazi infiltration effort, McGowen escaped and assumed the identity of an alleged American traitor named Dantilion Jones. Jones was allegedly from Indiana, and because of this gained the nickname "Indiana Dan." This later became the inspiration for a series of films featuring the character "Indian Smith."

When concern grew about nuclear research, Jones became involved in an investigation with Connie Marsh and J.R. "Bob" Dobbs. This was under the female identity of Eve Braun. The trio learned that the Nazis were in fact working on developing a nuclear bomb.

At the end of the war, Braun got hold of the Nazi's only completed nuclear bomb. During the confusion of the end of the war, Ethan managed to sneak the bomb out of Germany in a brief case.


To keep es identify secret, at the end of the war Braun changed es name to Velvet Lunas. Lunas modeled for several magazines including Five Finger Discord, Factsheet Five, Intermittens, and Playpen.

However, Lunas's true identify was reportedly discovered by the publisher of Playboy in 1953. Velvet Lunas then changed es name to something completely different: Luna Valentine. At the suggestion of editors Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea, n 1953, Lucy appeared in the first edition of Playboy.


As Lucy.exe, she became an actress. She was featured in her own television show called I Love Lucy.exe. She was also a model and voice for the character of Lucy, rival to World War II Ace Snoopy's friend Charlie Braun.

She later starred in the television program I Love Lucy.,exe with co-star Tricky Retardo,


She became an aide under President John F. Kennedy under the name Ericka Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald was later named Secretary of State, Unfortunately, the elevation was set to take place one day after President Kennedy was allegedly assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald and Kerry Wendell Thornley.

She then moved back to Germany.


She became a famous German artist under the name Lucretia Dalencourt. She was actually listed before Salvador Dali in a list of famous artists. A list done in alphabetical order.

Dottie's Day Care 2023

Dottie's Day Care

Child Care[]

Under the name Emilia Hausworth, nicknamed "Mi," she moved back to Springfield. There she met and married Bruce Völva. In honor of his wife, Bruce changed his name to Bruce Darling. In honor of her husband, she changed her name to Mi Völva.

They then started Dottie's Day Care. Many of the children they cared for became well-known Discordians. These included Dolphin Blue, Bumper Bunny, Placid Dingo, Oscar Owlrich, Ozzie Rabbit, Rosey Tiger, and the child known as "Nuclear Bomb in a Briefcase."