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Earth is a fictional universe that has had a frequent recurrence in many popular games, movies, TV shows, novels, and other fantasy works. It has since entered popular culture in the North, and has even (jokingly) had its own appearance in Discordian mythology.

Copyright Infringement[]

There have been many copyright claims to Earth, including one made by the Pope in 1985. In recent years, international attorneys of the law have protested that all claims of copyright infringement made in The Republic of China, The People's Republic of China, and The Hindustani People's Republic of China have been turned down.

One possible explanation of this is that the concept of "Earth" does not exist in Chinese popular culture. The prominent language tends to be very conservative with adapting international Toki Pona loanwords, unlike Japanese, American, and Arabic, for example, even with regards to fictional places. In foreign comic books and movie subtitles, the word "Earth" is usually translated as "地球", lit. "the ball of the landmasses". Some cultures have an equivalent, but slightly different concept of a fictional "Earth" world, for example, Mexican pop culture has an "el mundo" frequently mentioned on telinovas. The Australialians have an /eːθh/.

Defense attorneys have cited that there are some archaic occurrences of "Earth" dating back to the works of Shakespeare, so making a copyright claim on the concept would be rather pointless.


Earth is typically described as being centered around a planet consisting of both dry land and water, while being inhabited by life.

Structure of Society[]

The people of Earth have often been described as thinking and behaving in a "jokingly unrealistic nonsensical and backwards way". One prominent example of this is that of the science fiction novel A History of Ancient Greece, in which its main protagonist, Aristotle, proclaimed that there were actually seven colors of the rainbow, instead of just two. He called forth a secretive campaign to indoctrinate infants with normal color vision, who were born seeing the traditional two colors (red and violet), to perceive random combinations of certain amounts of red and violet as being individual concepts, declaring that the new seven colors were now, as he called them "Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet".

As the story goes, the people of Earth "avidly assert" that they can clearly see the distinct pattern of multiple "stripes" on a rainbow because they have been brainwashed over a long period of time. Organizations of Mass Childhood Indoctrination such as Cocomelon  were responsible for much of this in the tale. A fictional phenomenon like this representing human cognition has been hypothesized by some philosophers to possibly have some real basis in theory, however not to the extreme that it has been depicted in the fiction, since it is natural for there to be two colors both in terms of physics and human perception, it is unlikely that a person could be trained to see it any differently, unless they are suffering from certain abnormal mental or behavioral patterns.


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