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Enchantric hat balls

Enchantric: mage-juggler

Enchantric aka Herbert "Herbie" Robertson is a juggler and magician who performed at Grove Gathering events. He joined the Alfea fairies upon his return from spring break at Mt. Santa Juanita College. Like all the Alfea fairies, he is a guardian fairy of his home world, bound to protect it from evil and enforced order; i.e., Greyface.

Personal life[]

Enchantric performed a juggling and magic act that led to his proposal to Princess Unicornia (after he asked permission from her former sother AL). This was at the third Gathering at the Grove event, Woodstock on the Moon, in 2019. She accepted, and the couple were married in 2020. He has two children by a previous marriage which Unicornia adopted and which form the Robertson family. The four were at Rainbow Grove where Enchantric and Unicornia conceived another baby.

He is the model for the juggler-magician Berisan in the Minstrels of Skaythe series who is featured in the series' fourth novella The Renegade of Opshar. His wife Lorien is the model for the character Lorrah, and his father Alden, whom he taught juggling and whom was previously married to Lorien, is the model for the character Alemin (Berisan's brother), in the fifth novella Prisoners of the Wailing Tower.