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Eristic Theory of Erisian Epochs.


Aneristic theory of the Erisian Epochs.

An Erisian Epoch is a cycle of five periods that many Discordianphilosophers including The last Preist claims follow a predictable cycle. The cycle moves from Chaos to Discord, Discord to Confusion, Confusion to Bureaucracy, and Bureaucracy to The Aftermath. The Aftermath then leads back to Chaos.

According to The last Preist:

Every period of time is a change in the same direction in which humanity is damned to repeat. It is widely believed that the universe was created in Chaos. Then, after many years, one prickly day the people were unhappy. After many years of unhappiness the people become confused and angry and they lash out at each other. After a few years of jealousy greed and contempt toward each other and the people who take from the weak, a strong righteous person comes forward and leads the cabbage into Bureaucracy. After many years of this monotony, things change. Like they allways do...
That leads us into what is happening now, as an all around global bureaucracy will inevitably collapse onto itself in war and famine which will inevitably lead us into the next epoch of utter chaos.
"The endless waltz in which we dance the life of Dance will ultimately lead us to where the foot first left.
How many times you circle the dance floor before you hit that place again depends on how you change up your own step."
-The last Preist