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Erisian time aka Discordian time is a planetary decimal time without time zones, used in conjunction with the Discordian calendar.

Erisian time[]


Erisian clock

Discordian time is a single planetary decimal time. If in Christian time, the clock shows the correct time only in Greenwich Village and surroundings, then Erisian time on the whole planet is the same, that is in some places the dawn usually occurs at 1 hour, while in the reverse side of the world – at 6 o’clock. With this the beginning of Discordian day (0 hours, 0 minutes, 0 seconds) coincides with the beginning of Christian day on Easter Island on winter time (GMT-5). This means that the Erisian day starts 5 Christian hours later than the Christian day in London (UTC ± 0:00).

As in the original decimal time system, there is 10 hours in a Discordian day, 100 minutes in an hour, 100 seconds in a minute. 10 hours per day – exactly as many fingers on both hands, without all these 12 apostles and 12 tribes.

  • 1 Erisian hour = 0.1 days = 2.4 Christian hours
  • 1 Erisian minute = 0.001 day = 1.44 Christian minute
  • 1 Erisian second = 0.00001 day = 0.864 Christian second

In general, Discordian time coincides with the traditional decimal time (previously officially used in France and China), with a slight difference that Erisian time is the same for the whole planet, it has no time zones and is used within Discordian calendar.

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