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Troll Egg 2023

Egg trolling.

Erister 2023[]

Valentine Egg2 2023

Valentine Erister egg

(This original report on Erister 2023 was jointly written by the nestlers and nestlings of Nest Roving Bear and Purple Ferret's Nest.)

Shamlicht Kids Club chapter Purple Ferret's Nest, its upper grade spinoff Nest Roving Bear, and guests celebrated the whollyday Erister in 2023!

Members, leaders, and guests of both groups greeted each other with the Bodyshake.  Some secretly used the secret handshake.  Then it was egg decorating time when Nest Roving Bear and Purple Ferret's Nest met together but separately.

Egg Decorating[]

Unidentified Egg 2023

Unidentified egg. What is this?

In one area, Nest Roving Bear members prepared things to put into openable plastic eggs to be hidden. These included small items and also messages printed or handwritten on paper.  These eggs were divided into two groups.  One was eggs to be hidden for the members of Purple Ferret's Nest to find; these were called the "Nest Eggs."  The other was eggs to be hidden at a nearby college; these were called "Etcetera Eggs" or "EggCeteras."

In another area, members of Purple Ferret's Nest decorated hard-boiled eggs.  These were generally done with traditional food color dyeing. although Kool-Aid was also used.  Some eggs also had stickers added to them.

With some eggs left over, the nests then switched undecorated eggs, and did more decorating.

Egg Hiding and Finding[]

Binky wonderskull erister bunny alden loveshade

Binky the WonderSkull as the Erister Bunny with plastic eggs.

Nest Roving Bear then hid the appropriate plastic eggs ("Nest Eggs") for Purple Ferret's Nest to find, which the members did.  A rabbit also participated (one that had been adopted in Shamlicht Kids Club Day 2022).  The rabbit was not arrested, even though it was said to be illegal to dress in a bunny costume on Easter.  Fortunately, the celebration was for Erister, not Easter.

Attendees enjoyed eating some of the egg shell contents.  In honor of their 70th anniversary, they fed each other marshmallow Peeps.



The Holy Bible.

In recognition of the Christian holyday Easter, leaders and members read some Bible verses of the words of Jesus of Nazareth and the practices of early Christians.  These were verses of teachings and practices that many modern day Christians would find abhorrent.

More Hiding[]

Later, the bear's nest hid plastic eggs ("EggCeteras") at a nearby college.