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Fanonpedia is a fanon wiki.


Wikia (Early October - Late October)[]

Fanonpedia started the same way as Uncyclopedia, using Wikia and a image wordmark.

This one was used only for a while, and the owner forgot about the idea of an realistic Fanonpedia.

Wikidot (Late October - November)[]

Fanonpedia moved to Wikidot. It was not edited or so a alot, because of it not using MediaWiki. plus, there's only a few Wikidot system messages.

ShoutWiki (November - present)[]

This is where Fanonpedia got complete. Fanonpedia used Vector. Fanonpedia could edit the MediaWiki pages they wanted. And, Fanonpedia was done for the moves. It is the only version with users other than the owner, and has the most interface changes (Like the bitmap Logo changed to the Wikipedia Wiki.png, etc.)