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Father Fundament who is not holding a weapon.

Father Fundament, born either FunDam Mental Father or Fundamental Father, is a traveling priest of the Unified Catholic Church. He is commonly called the High Priest of Immaculate Conception.

Early life[]

Fundament was born the son of Father Floyd Flanagan the Fifth and his Merry Men. Mother Miley of the Mythics of Harmonia was the main midwife at the birth reportedly. The infant boy was born in the submarine USS Dolphin (SS-23) during the Resistance War against America to Save the Nation fought in Vietnam. While Father Flanagan was present, the boy's mother wasn't notified of the birth until 9 months later. He has several fathers, but his mother is unknown.

According to his older sister, Fundament grew up with traditional boy toys of the time. These included the M3 fighting knife, a Montagnards Crossbow, and, when a baby, a FN Baby Browning pistol. Also according to his older sister, he was an only child.


On his 19th birthday, Fundament had a vision while visiting the Whittier Bowling Alley and Crochet Club also called the Holy House of Hookers. He gave up his dream to become King of Crochet, and instead became a Father. Which meant remaining pure and holy and having no close connect with crocheters or other hookers. Except to witness to them as much as possible.

School for Girls[]

Fundament was moved by the plight of youth. In Hereford, he assisted Sister Hooter in the founding of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception School for Unwed Mothers. The Bishop of Hereford had misgivings, but endorsed Fundament's experiment of housing and education. The school grew to be a large community with its own girl-mayor, school, chapel, post office, cottages, gymnasium, and birth facilities. Fundament and Hooter did not believe in the reform school model, which they thought too punitive, and stated, "there's no such thing as a bad girl".