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Also see St. John the Blasphemist Day

A Whollyday occurring on 55 Bureaucracy aka 1 October.


(Saint of Made up Holidays and Freakin' Awesome Holy Texts)

I really don't know. Blaspheme? Make up Holidays? Write Stuff? Anyone got any ideas?

Any and all persons who look fantastic naked may dress up as a stripper instead of a pirate if they wish to do so. Naked dancing around a pole made of metal is considered a holy dance, and all true Pastafarians should throw $5 bills at any and all strippers professing Pastafarianism in said place of nude (not topless) pole dancers.

The Feast of St. John the Blasphemist is when all the Pastafarianists in the region gather together, either in a park of dinning room, and and are served the sacred pasta.

The pasta is usually eaten while wearing traditional Pastafarian headgear (Spaghetti strainer) or pirate gear in honor of his noodly goodness and the pirate Mosey who spread his word. In some churches, this holiday is used to celebrate the great boil, and say a prayer while adding salt to the boiling water.

There is a designated Team of Cooks that is chosen to prepare the pasta, each with a youthful Apprentice to prepare the sauce. This is considered to be a great honor amongst the Pastafarian youth. After the sauce and pasta have been prepared the Team of Cooks must then begin the Ritual of Seasoning.

Text from Flying Spaghetti Monster Wikia.