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A game of Flip the Table being played at a party.

Ah yes, the classic game of Flip the Table.  Initially popularized as a way to get to know dormmates freshman year at prestigious universities, it soon became a quick easy game to liven any party.  (While this game may seem quite similar to the old Discordian game of Sink it actually came first and those losers were in fact copying us (not the other way around.))


Players Variable
Age range Usually Adults
Setup time 1 minute
Playing time Variable
Random chance

Blunt trauma


Skill(s) required

Quick reaction time

The strength of the average person

Flip the Table is a game played by a group of people (usually co-ed), often in an informal setting purely for entertainment such as a birthday party. The game starts with any number of players and a table that the number of players may gather around; the players are arranged in a circle (or other closed figure if space is constrained; a double line is sometimes used) facing the table, with the people standing in the circle just outside of that table. A non-playing individual may observe or find more interest in a musical instrument. While the music is playing.  The players in the circle all in unison grab the table. With all their strength they thrust upward at once, and the table is (usually) thrown into the air to come crashing back down, perhaps in a new, and more interesting, way.

Representation in popular media[]

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
An emoticon representation of the game.


Jesus playing the game during a BDSM scene

Through the years[]


Flip the Table being taught in a college classroom.


Flip the Table caught on like wildfire with the hip, plugged in teenagers of the 90s.


Ancient depiction of the game being played by pre-historic man.