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Ghostradamus: God Emperor 2040 is running for God-Emperor of Mankind in the year 2040. He is the pre-eminent philosopher of the sub-branch of Discordianism known as Post-Neodiscordianism.

Pre-Discordian History[]

Ghostradamus: God Emperor 2040 (aka GGE'40) was born in Salt Lake City, Utah to two loving parents who never got divorced. He was a middling student who almost didn't graduate high school due to his laziness. He achieved a full ride scholarship to college, and went for one day before dropping out. Following this, without seeing any prospects in the future, he joined the United States Navy as a nuclear propulsion technician.

He was assigned to the aircraft carrier USS John C Stennis (CVN-74), and served through two deployments. He disliked his time in the service, seeing it as too restrictive, boring, and sleep-depriving. During his time on his second deployment, GGE'40 discovered Anarchism and Discordianism. The first he would embrace early and the second would take many years to memeticise.


GGE'40 states that all exist within the sacred chao: The five divine forces of Creation, Destruction, Order, Disorder, and Neutrality are all part of the encompassing whole known as existence. Only through true balance of these can enlightenment be achieved, with Neutrality being the fifth and (obviously) most important.