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Grove 23

Poster for the 2023 event

Submitted by attendees of Grove 23. Special thanks to Michael Jordan.

It is common for attendees of The Grove Gathering aka The Gathering at the Grove to use pseudonymous names. Sometimes these are their Discordian, Pagan/Wiccan, and/or SubGenius names, and sometimes not. Sometimes they just make something up.

Grove 23 was the seventh annual Grove Gathering. It was held on  private land from June 9 - 11, 2023, and had more attendees than any gathering to date.


Blue Mermaid Pond Grove 2023

Dolphin Lagoon aka Blue Mermaid Pond at Grove 23 in 2023.

Much of the set up, including getting water into Blue Mermaid Pond aka Dolphin Lagoon, was done earlier. But "official" set up was today. This including setting up the main pavilion and the holy porta potties (porta potty use was not required).  Dolphin Lagoon aka Blue Mermaid Pond wasn't completely full, but had enough water this year for swimming.

Setter Uppers made musical noises, moved in odd ways, ate strange things, and did other stuff not approved by The Upright Members of The Upstanding Proper Society (TUMTUPS). Other stuff included admitting people for donation or for free, selling essential items at cost, and giving away home-bottled water for free. (Monday was World Environment Day.)


Grove 23 officially began at 23:23 (in some time zone).  The troll booth (admissions booth) was run by Minima and Luna Sky, and admission was by donation. (Recommended donation for the weekend: $23.23.)

Shamlicht Al was officious attendance keeper, who recorded 78 people (including robots; we did not discriminate) who attended at least part of the event.

Hyperboar and Gypsie Skripto led the opening ceremonies, while Boss Man was in charge of everything. Clara Kindle was in charge of fireflies.

Some participants celebrated Chicken Head/Head Chicken Day (23 + 23 + 23 = 69). Rubber chickens were swung and thrown in honor of Svengoolie and Monty Python. The Cloved Lemon Kissing Game was played throughout the weekend.

There was also childcare for adults who were too immature.


Saturday featured workshops, worships, and warships.  And hats in honor of Mad Hatter Day.

A workshop on Erispirituality was given by covenites Princess Unicornia and Enchantric. A dance workshop was led by Jade Wave Dancer and Rosey Tiger, who had been associated with Zaara Belly Dance Fusion and are a part of Disco-Rdian Dancing Trip.  Music for the dance workshop was provided by Fairy Princess Yoshikyoko, Shamlicht Al, and Tawdry Titmouse.

Several people went swimming, most not while wearing hats. And several people danced, some while wearing hats, and some while in the pond.

The new musical DisBand named Critters of Passion performed. The members are Cockroach Candy, Dick Chao, Minnie Heart, and Tawdry Titmouse.  They had guest singer Sahara Ghostsinger.  And Pip was named a Discordian Sockpuppet Saint.

Several watched a hat-inappropriate movie in the evening.  The sky cried for  a bit, but not for too long.  Attendees figured it was just trying to water the pond.


The day began with a 23-minute sermon on the "23 engima" performed by three people, Dr. Elwood P. Dobbs, special guest Barbie Dobbs, and Sockpuppet Pip.

The rest of Sunday was mostly "do your own thing" as long as you could connect it to the number 23 or the number 5 (2 + 3 = 5).  People swam, played board and card games, played volleyball without a net, and did hobbyhorsing aka riding and jumping on imaginary horses.

The event ended with an "extremely serious" awards ceremony.  As required by law (sort of), The Disco-Rdian Dancing Trip was said to consist of everyone who danced, so won for Weirdest dancing.  The Maddest Hat Award went to Sahara Ghostsinger and Queen Bible Fondler.  The 23rd An**al Bodypainting Award went to Gypsie Skripto and Guchao, while B*e*st Bu***ck Canvas went to Eris la Douche and Toot Buns.

The Fairest Faucets Award went to nu***** mothers Princess Unicornia, Sister Mousy Tongue, and Leg Lips.  The Postal Poster Poser was Alden Loveshade.  The Përkthyes Transkontinental Award went to Zlaxy and Shamlicht Al.  The chosen theme for the 2024 event was jointly suggested by Sharkdog, Tawdry Titmouse, and Sister OMG.  Next year's theme is: Bear Nuked.

The event officially concluded at 23:23 (in some time zone, if you adjust your timepiece).