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The Hodobo Cabal is a Discordian cabal. Also known as HotDogBot and HottDoggBott, Members wear hot dogs to its meetings which are held on the fifth Friday of every month.

The Cabal's headquarters is located at Five Points between Frankfurter, Penisa Analio, Las Delicias, DogStar, and Weinerville. The headquarters is in the Hotel Canine-Arse at 523 Wiener Cutoff Road.


The cabal began on Friday, Hot Dog Day, in the Year of the Frankfurter.


Initiates must complete the Forty Pack Initiation. IMPortantly, they must contemplate the Ancient Wienersian Mystery. This is "Why do Hot Dogs come in packs of 10 while Buns come in packs of eight?" They must comtemplate while keeping a wiener between two buns. They must do this for 40 days and 40 nights.*

*40 is the minimum number with both 10 (hot dogs) and 8 (buns) as a common denominator.

Once an initiate has completed the 40 pack initiation, they can choose to do one (1) of five (5) things:

  1. Dancing Hot Dog--do a hot dog related dance
  2. Singing Hot Dog--sing a hot dog related song
  3. Hot Dog Swallow--swallow all or part of someone else's hot dog
  4. Hot Dog Hot Cross Bun--perform an act that involves a hot dog and a hot cross bun (or a hot cat)