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For non-Principia Discordia holydays, see Whollyday

Days which are holy.

Only sissies and Abrahamists use two words to describe their holy days. And we're not so sure about the sissies.

Table of Holydays[]

In keeping with Discordians sticking apart, this orderly table includes those Holydays that seem like a good idea at the moment. Enough Discordians like them that they're in the table. Of course, if enough Discordians are agreeing to organize these holydays into a table, they cannot be trusted, nor can the holydays thus listed.

Holyday Discordian calendar Gregorian calendar
Mungday Chaos 5 January 5
Chaoflux Chaos 50 February 19
St. Tib's Day St. Tib's Day February 29
Mojoday Discord 5 March 19
Discoflux Discord 50 May 3
Syaday Confusion 5 May 31
Confuflux Confusion 50 July 15
Zaraday Bureaucracy 5 August 12
Bureflux Bureaucracy 50 September 26
Maladay The Aftermath 5 October 24
Afflux The Aftermath 50 December 8

Still More Holydays[]

Main article: Whollyday

Discordian Affiliate Holydays, or Whollydays, are pretty much any that didn't make the cut to get into the Principia Discordia. It doesn't make them bad, mind you, but it does make them another page, because they're cool that way.

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