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Humanity is a type of Great Ape only born with much less hair and weird looking to boot. But they're smart and good at endurance running.

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Scientifically known as Homo sapiens ("wise men" as someone clearly had a sense of humor),

they managed to beat out their competition and rise to the top of the food chain. They require certain kinds of food, shelter, clothing, water and companionship to function. In other words, they make a very high maintenance pet, despite what Yjhr'efj'mfk'w says.

The homo family were first formed by Spirituality first in Eris' house then he brought them with him when he had to switch over to Aneris' house. He made quite a few models, although only Homo sapiens (and possibly Homo correctus, Homo excellsior, Homo floresiensis) are present today. Will continue to look into the rumors that the Reptilian race is the ones who actually rule the planet. I still say it's cats though.