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Miley Cyrus who jokingly claimed to be Reverend Loveshade according to media reports.

Who’s been accused of being Reverend Loveshade? We can no longer tell you that because FANDOM staff made us forget.

But we can tell you who claimed they are Reverend Loveshade, or claimed to be related, or publicly posted their support for the "I Am Reverend Loveshade" Campaign. Or said they really don't care. Or they're dead.

Names in Strikethrough are definitely not Reverend Loveshade. Their names are posted here for their protection, to squash any and all rumors that they are Reverend Loveshade.

**Hakim Bey, *Binky the WonderSkull, **Bob Black, *Dolphin Blue, */**Herr Bookmonger, */***Cainad, Hillary Clinton, Brenton Clutterbuck, */***Dr. Sinister Craven, *Miley Ray Cyrus, **Pope Leo DaVinci, **Linda Davis, Cory Doctorow, ***Enchantric, Half of Facebook, **/*** FichenDich, **Pet Girl, **Fargo The Homeless, **Brianna the J., */**Lorien Loveshade, The Good Reverend Roger, The Good Roger Roadkill, Adam Gorightly, */**Pope Hildegard, ****Greg Hill, *GINA Is Not an Acronym, **Steve Jackson (one of them), Tim Kaine, */***Kilmore, **/***Vinz¢ Lampshade, **Leghornia, Steve Lightspeed, */**/***Alden Loveshade, *Gamemaster Loveshade, *Lorien Loveshade, *Loveshade X, ****Charles Manson, ****Richard Marshall, Saint the Mary, **Hannah Montana (someone claiming to be), Alan Moore, ***Nigel, **/****Richard Nixon (someone claiming to be), PlacidDingo, *Placid Dingo, Dr. Howland Owll, ***Christina Pearson, Mike Pence, **Patriarch Wilhelm Leonardo Pesher-Principle, Perlie the Pony Girl, *Mike Quinn, ****Minnie Rae, ****Richard Marshall, Pat Robertson, *Rochard, Romartus, *Rosey Tiger, *S. John Ross, Bernie Sanders, *Johnny Shellburn, Simsilikesims, */**Gypsie Skripto, *Kayla Spears, */**Miley Spears, *Melissa Spears, *MU Spears, *Nannie Spears, ****Kerry Thornley, **Princess Unicornia, */**Sheered Völva, **Smiley Day Eris, **TawTew the Naturally Perfumed, **Starr Modeling (someone claiming to be), Donald Trump, ***Darth Vader (someone claiming to be), *Why?, *Why do I need to provide this?, **Robert Anton Wilson, *Eleanor Woolley, */**Fairy Princess Yoshikyoko.

The only person believed to definitely not be Reverend Loveshade is Reverend Loveshade.

Can they all really be Reverend Loveshade? Probably not. But feel free to add people to the list if appropriate.

  • *This is a person who posted support for "I Am Reverend Loveshade" even if they didn't claim to be RL or related OR who wrote about it themselves and posted it online OR who said they didn't care.
  • **This is a person who actually identified themselves, either seriously or as a joke (usually as a joke), or someone claiming to be that person identified themselves, as Reverend Loveshade.
  • ***This is a person who identified themselves, either seriously or as a joke (usually as a joke), as a relative and/or producer of Reverend Loveshade.
  • ****This is a person who is deceased, so policies protecting living persons don't apply.

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