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Illuminatus! Open Secret Conspiracy (IOSC) is an open conspiracy to prevent the discrediting and commercialisation of The Illuminatus! Trilogy.


Initially, the graphic novel V for Vendetta by Alan Moore was a cult artwork that had a strong influence on many people and gave rise to their interest in anarchism. Alan Moore, the author of this work criticized the Hollywood production for distorting the meaning, for excluding the topic of anarchism and even refused to list his name in the credits. As a result, the feature film became a brand of the youth subculture of Anonymous, which serving ddos attacks of government coordinators and which funding the production of plastic guyfox-merchandise.

On Bureaucracy 57, 3185 YOLD, the BBC released a video titled "What is the fascination with the Illuminati conspiracy?", which briefly mentioned the Order of the Bavarian Illuminati and most of the video said that the modern Illuminati was an invention of Discordian jokers, promoted by the trilogy "Illuminati!".

And after that, 30 days later, the news appears that the production company that released some entertaining TV-series in collaboration with a Hollywood director announced the adaptation of the trilogy "The Illuminatus!" by Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea.

And they seem to was in a hurry to show this adaptation to masses before the immanentize the eschaton, for turning a golden apple into a gilded plastic merchandise, just as the "V for Vendetta" was reformatted. Also there were a lot of attempts to discredit the name and legacy of Robert Anton Wilson in social networks. Unfortunately, the original authors of "Illuminatius!" will not be able to declare their wish to exclude the mention of their name from the titles of Hollywood adaptation.

Greyface attempts of censorship[]

Remarkably, agents of Greyface, who infiltrating the modern Discordian movement, tried to censor the declaration of this open conspiracy to aid Hollywood to discredit Illuminatus!

Another supporter of censorship, the janitor of the Order, and supposed agent of Greyface, tried to censor this article here, in this wiki, with the words: "we can't even jokingly call for people to break the law". Unfortunately, the Discordian community is turning into a branch of the Order with its heretical fawning over the Law and will of Grayface, which they support with collectivist censorship and pro-state vigilantism.

Illuminatus! Open Secret Conspiracy[]

Due to the vigilance of the Greyface agents in this wiki and their censorship, the overt text of IOSC is no longer available here. About the aims, methods and victims of the Open Secret Conspiracy you can read here.