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Worst-roach-infestation-ever (1)

Holy Infestation! Look at all the Guliks!

Glorious Heavenly sign of SECRET and HOLY KNOWLEDGE.  Infestations are the sign of PORTENTIOUS HAPPENINGS!  

St. Gulik[]

St. Gulik is a messenger of the Gods. Some call him Hermes. (Some think it is a mispronunciation of Vermin.)

St. Gulik the Stoned is a roach.  Whether in a Literal sense or in a Metaphysical, Figurative sense, his skittering form encapsulates HOLY NEWS OF THE DAY!  

A direct communication from the Gods, or at least one Goddess, Eris , Our Harbinger of Change.  From his little antenna, messages are FLASHING through the Ether to YOUR PINEAL GLAND .  Sometimes the information is so Important, that one gulik will just not be enough.  Eris doesn't care about Roach Budgets.  She will send scores of the brown crawling bugs to GET HER POINT ACROSS!

What is not known except to the few, is that succssfully stomping a gulik will result in a Megaton Release of Spiritual Insight and Growth.  Imagine the sight of a discordian dancing around, stomping the guliks.  A Gulik Gankino Horo!  That info travels at the speed of light right into the pineal gland !  Wow!  And aerobic too!

Stomping guliks is an act of DEVOTION.  You can say a prayer as you do it, or you can shriek or laugh maniacally.  It is really up to you.  This experience is also a time when you can cross the veil into the SPOOKY, SUPERNATURAL REALM and directly interact with the Godheads!  Each little gulik is in some sort of reality, an Incarnation of a HEAVENLY AVATAR of that Sainted, Stoned, Messenger, Roach!  Wow!  That sure beats a seance!

The Mess[]

An Infestation-Literal can be quite messy but the cleanup cost is nothing compared to the Secret Stuff Revealed!  From time to time, the info is so overwhelming that it will just sit within the Pineal Gland , much like the mercury that just sits inside a tuna.  Then over a period of Time, it will leak into conscious awareness.  Other times it will cause PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION and a REALITY PARADIGM SHIFT.  Wow, wasn't expecting that!

An Infestation-Metaphysical/Figurative can also be quite messy BUT not to the naked eye.  Much like a hallucination, the mess is happening in your head.  But if viewed from a different angle, one can take solace that it is a PERSONAL experience.  Wow, how to explain that to an innocent bystander!