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Intermittent Dispersian Complex and Hodge Podge Confluence[]

This is a process of personal growth that many undertake throughout their lives. It is not a single one-time event as hinted at elsewhere but an organic function ever-present in most thinking beings.

To best understand this process, let's rearrange the words in the order in which best describes what's going on.

Complex Dispersian Hodge Podge Confluence Intermittent (Rearranged for clarity, though all can agree that Intermittent Dispersian Complex and Hodge Podge Confluence sounds much better.)[]

Now let's tackle the translation into terms that better describe.....what's going on.

A whole (Self) made up of complicated or interrelated parts (belief systems) scattered throughout other parts (belief systems) stretched or squeezed in a confused, disorderly mass of parts (belief systems) rushing together to meet at one point (Enlightenment or Ignorance). The Speed is directly related to its frequency which is non-constant as it ceases and begins again randomly over a period of time.

This process occurs at some level over and over again. The real danger to a person is directly proportional to the complexity of the complex, the speed, and the success of the confluence. Meeting at that one point is not guaranteed. One can lose track of time, place, memory and even of the track itself. It is unpredictable as befits a concept related to Our Lady.

There exists other Holy Influences which can affect the Speed of this phenomenon. Take the instance of a person in the grips of the Intermittent Dispersian Complex and Hodge Podge Confluence who experiences a Holy Infestation. For every gulik within the Infestation, the frequency is exponentially raised by a power of 5 (naturally). Rather than rushing together, it is more akin to erupting together at horrific supernova-like speed. If the Confluence is successful and all smashes together at that one point, it may only last a fraction of a moment of an instant before ricocheting outward again in that Hodge Podge manner dispersing in a Super-Stretched state.

The end result can be any and all of the following: Illumination, Enlightenment, Ignorance, Falling into the Abyss of Chapel Perilous, Madness, Nirvana, or one rather large-ish headache.

Remember, there is a storm upstairs........feed your head, saith the doormouse.