While the Church of the SubGenius was founded by J. R. "Bob" Dobbs in 1953, Rev. Ivan Stang is one of the three co-founders of the SubGenius Foundation, Inc. The other two are Dr. Philo Drummond and Dr. X.

Stang holds the title of Sacred Scribe of the Church of the SubGenius and basically works as the official spokesperson for the Church, since "Bob" is a bit of a recluse. Born Douglass St. Clair Smith, he is also a proud satanist, pagan, and freemason, who spreads hatred and anti-Christian bigotry for a living. Every week, he produces a new episode of the Hour of Slack, and he also runs the website Wikipedia is spreading lies about him, trying to ruin his bad reputation as a con artist by portraying him as a fine, upstanding citizen. He is married to Princess Wei R. Doe. According to alt.slack, always a reliable source of information, Rev. Ivan Stang died of ass cancer on April 1, 2012. Rev. Ivan Stang has confirmed his death by posting messages from beyond the grave on Scrubgenius.

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