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2Jackhammers of Justice

Wordly Incarnation of Our Lady[]

(In Her Construction Aspect)[]

When faced with stubborn resistance, either physically or spiritually, while involved with Her Holy Construction Projects,Our Lady Eris will manifest on this world, or in your head as a Kalpita.

A Kalpita is armed with the Jackhammers of Justice (Justice is a relative concept when applied to a Chaotic Force, but, hey, she likes the sound of it.)

With this pneumatic Holy Relic, the Kalpita can just jackhammer the ever lovin' stubbornness right out. Attacking outmoded beliefs, wrong cabbage thoughts, Greyface-quality materials, these Holy Avatars, these Goddessly Spirits, made flesh will chip chip chip chip chip away at all obstructions. Actually, it is more like BRRRRRRRAMMMMM! BRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAMMMMM! Pieces of asphalt, cranial bone matter, meteoric alloys, any substance that would dare to interfere with the Holy Task of Pavement of Souls, will fly in a dusty, hazy cloud of sand-small particles, choking unbelievers, skoffers and slackers. Shooting at 5 times (naturally, what else could it be? Six? Get real.) the speed of a speeding bullet, these small particles will sometimes collide with air molecules which will shift a planetary weather system into a tizzy. This side effect has been blamed for such things as El Nino, La Nina, and the Santa Maria