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John F. Kennedy circa 1926

John Fitzgerald Kennedy (May 29, 1917 – November 22, 1963), often referred to by his initials JFK, was an American politician who served as the 35th president of the United States from 1961 until his assassination near the end of his third year in office.

Lee Harvey Oswald, who served with Kerry Thornley in the United States Marines, was convicted posthumously of assassinating Kennedy. However, there are numerous conspiracy theories on who "really" killed Kennedy.

Omar Khayyam Ravenhurst, co-founder of Discordianism, in his interview on A Current Affair, was honest about President John F. Kennedy:

I wanted to shot him. I wanted to assassinate him very much. I wanted him dead. I would have shot him myself. I would have stood there with a rifle and pulled the trigger if I had the chance.


Kerry Thornley Interview on A Current Affair - Part 1 of 2

According to NPR:

One of Waldron's theories goes like this. President Kennedy and his brother, Attorney General Robert Kennedy, bitter about the disastrous 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion, in 1963 concocted a secret plan to stage a palace coup to unseat Fidel Castro with the aid of the US Army. The coup leader would declare martial law and proclaim a provisional government, then cut ties with the Soviet Union and join the United States in partnership. Robert Kennedy was personally in charge of this invasion plan. D-Day--or, rather, C-Day for coup day--was to be December 1st, 1963. But two weeks before that, President Kennedy was killed, and that was the end of the invasion plan.

In addition, John F. Kennedy initiated a UN convention to criminalize drugs around the world with "Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, 1961", and next year he called for stronger drug laws in US:


President Kennedy Calls For Stronger Drug Laws (1962)

At the same time, according to publicly available records, he used cocaine with Sinatra, received regular therapeutic methamphetamine injections from Dr Feelgood and smoked marijuana joints with Mary Pinchot Meyer.

The mass culture of the USA made a privileged hypocrite – a great martyr, a saint. This forged JFK cult is not only the basis of the mythology of modern US but also the basis of mass media manipulations – still used today, according to CIA memo 1035-960.

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