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A little still remaineth: Judgment Day as Christmas Day: 2012: see thou then!

Whollyday occurring on ?? Confusion aka June 31.


June 31st for Popes is the two-day celebration from June 30th to July 1st for Discordian Popes to symbolically ex-communicate each other! During this celebration, Discordian Popes will symbolically excommunicate each other, then they will de-excommunicate themselves and each other, where they will then excommunicate themselves, and finally de-excommunicate themselves. There are a million different ways to celebrate this day than the before mentioned excommunications and de-excommunications, and there are several millions of different situations that are possible!

Join us every June 30th and July 1st, as June 31st is a long-lost holiday! We will miss you June 31st. Fnord!

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