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Kallias Fausto ready for action.

Kallias Fausto is co-founder with Pislode, Buddy Asstain, and Sister Selkey of SubGenius Universal Church of Kallisti.

Personal life[]

Kallias Fausto was born to Sister Fausto on a date. The date is a secret. The date was nine months after a strictly platonic honest visit by Father Fundament. The place was a Motel Sex in Kissimmee, Florida.


Kallias is currently a student at Yuck Fou High School. There she studies the martial arts of Anbo-Jitsu, Baritsu, Crane kick, Ecky thump,  Guardians of the Whills, Gun fu, Hokuto Shinken, Jedi, Lightsaber, Miyagi-Do, Nanto Seiken, Sinanju, Sith, Ti Kwan Leep, and Touch of Death. Anything but Kung Fu.