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In the Principia:[]

Very little is known about Malaclypse the Elder, the namesake of Mal-2. The Principia Discordia merely mentions him as a "non-prophet" and that he was mistaken for a doomsayer when carrying a sign that read "DUMB."

In the Illuminatus! Trilogy:[]

Malaclypse the Elder has an even larger role in The Illuminatus! Trilogy than he ever did in real life, being that reality didn't get in the way of his activities in those books. In fact, he is an important shape-shifting character in the book, posing as Jean-Paul Sartre, Billy Graham, and the Devil.

According to Malaclypse the Elder himself, he is a 4th century B.C. Erisian priest (who was also prepared to perform services to Hermes, Dionysus, Heracles, Aphrodite, Athena, and Hera) who achieved "illumination" in the course of the massacre at Melos in 830 YOLD. The Illuminati believe that death releases a certain form of energy. Given enough death and a person intent on capturing said energy, a person may be transformed into an immortal, immaterial being, or so the plot element goes.

Before Malaclypse the Elder was Jesus, he was the priest of god most high, Melchizedek. Malaclypse the Elder also posed as Jesus after Jesus was crucified. In the form of Jesus, he introduced bingo, but asked Luke to not record it.

He is also alluded to being a reincarnation of the ancient Atlantean Sylvan Martiset, founder of the Party of Nothingness, a possible precursor to the Discordian Society.


His Holyday is Maladay. malaclypse the younger claimed this day, but being that he was the younger, he may have lost out. On the other hand, move your feet, lose your seat.


Malacypse is reported to have enjoyed the game of Flip the Table, which he performed before a (small) crowd of (surprisingly enthusiastic) Rabbis and money-collectors as Jesus, once. This may be the earliest known playing of the game.