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Mid Year's Day is a good day for rubbing someone's middle. With permission of course.

Whollyday occurring on 37 Confusion aka July 2.


The middle day of the year. Use only middle names, stay to the middle of the road, pat or rub your or someone else’s middle (this is a great day to apply to join The Order of the Holy Chao Belly Rubbers). Point to things with your middle finger. Visit a middle school and talk about the good old days of the Middle Ages. (If you want to get technical, on Leap Year this day would run from noon of July 2 to noon of July 3, but you don’t have to get that anal unless you really want to).

Holyday created by the Ek-sen-triks Cluborguild. Text from Principia Harmonia and Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia: The Tales of Shamlicht.