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Santa Claus at Mid Year's Day Christmas 2023


Krampus at Mid Year's Day 2023

(This original report on Mid Year's Day Christmas 2023 was jointly written by the nestlers and nestlings of Nest Roving Bear and Purple Ferret's Nest.)

Mid Year's Day is July 2. And Christmas in July is in July. So why not combine the two?

That's what Purple Ferret's Nest, Nest Roving Bear, and guests did in 2023!

It was originally planned to be just Mid Year's Day, but Xmas got thrown in. It was called Mid Year's Day Christmas Party, Mid Year's Christmas Day, and "who cares what we call it let's have fun!"


All planned activities were appropriately analyzed and approved appropriate for all participants under the age of 523. This determination was made by members of the Prudery Issuant Sanctified Society.

Seasoned Greetings[]

Members, leaders, and guests of both groups greeted each other with the Bodyshake or the Santa belly bump greeting or the traditional Mid Year's Day greeting. Or all three! Some secretly used the secret handshake.


Acitivites included:

  • Rub Santa's Belly computer game: This online game can be found online, so we won't describe it online. Or on belly. Whivh may be how we actually played it.
  • Cloved Lemon Kissing Game: Two cloved lemons were appropriately sanitized for safe kissing.
  • Reindeer Diving: In honor of a 13,000 year old carving of two reindeer out of the tip of a mammoth tusk, participants dived and swam like reindeer. (Yes, Virginia, reindeer can swim!)
  • Cardboard Tube Pom Pom Drop: Our own variation and not the typical toddler game.
  • Calvinball: No rules rule in this game! Rules are made up as you go along,

Santa Claus or Satan Claws?[]

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There was some debate about whether "Santa Claus" was actually Krampus (the SubGemius PreChurch Prophet of "Bob"). In any case, participants sat on his/her/its/es lap and/or knee(s). Or on Santa's helper(s).

In any case, the Jolly Old Elf gave presents of money that cost twice as much to make as it was worth!