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Miley Spears

Miley Spears is a Discordian writer and member of Mythics of Harmonia, the Order of the Pineapple, the Order of the Cloved Lemon, the Church of the SubGenius and the Knighthood of Buh. She is a Discordian American Princess who revived and became adopter of Discordian Wiki. She has been involved in numerous controversies.

Personal life[]

Miley was born 23 April 1995 CE (Discord 40 3161 YOLD) and grew up in Norwood Young America, Minnesota. Her parents could not produce children, so enlisted a "father donor" who provided the sperm. She is an only child. She considers herself a child of the Internet because her birth was announced by email which was quite unusual in 1995.

Most of her education was through home schooling, although she did attend some classes in Minnesota. Her parents were fundamentalist protestant Christian conservatives. They were supporters of the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) and the related Christian group Generation Joshua (GenJ). Her primary social life was through other home-schooled GenJ children, and through the church where she sometimes sang or recited Bible verses.

She was an avid reader by the age of 5. As part of her home schooling as a young teen, she had greatly restricted Internet access, but with help very quickly learned how to bypass her parents' restrictions.

There was an agreement that Miley not learn the identity of or meet her "biodad" until she was 18. Miley didn't even know that the man who raised her was not her biological father. But with the clandestine help of a female cousin who knew the secret, at age 13 Miley met her biodad. This was during a group get-together in June 2008 called ShamliCon while she was on summer vacation, staying with her aunt and uncle in Texas. Neither she nor her biological father knew how they were related, but they had been introduced online earlier that month by Miley's cousin during the Discordian Cyberspace Masquerade. Miley and her biodad got along very well in spite of not knowing their relationship.

Miley enjoyed gymnastics, swimming, and bicycling as a young girl. She sometimes sang and read Bible verses in church. She later got involved in aerobics, dancing and yoga.

Miley's parents had an agreement with each other to keep her "safe from sex." They tried keeping her ignorant of sexual matters and away from potentially sexual situations, but it did not work. While she was largely kept isolated from the "outside world," there was significant if secret sexual activity among some participants in the home-school group.

After her parents felt they couldn't handle her, in summer 2009 she was sent to Texas to be raised by her aunt and uncle until they got her "straightened out." She continued to be home schooled, although she did take some classes at a small Texas high school. Her aunt and uncle gave her permission and money to have her own domain name as a present for her 15th birthday, and she registered it a few days later on 6 May 2010.

She lost both of her parents in 2010 when she was 15 years old. She became very withdrawn, and virtually stopped seeing friends and writing on the Internet. While she had been doing schoolwork well beyond her grade level, for a while she stopped advancing. But she recovered.

Her original last name was Spears, but in April 2011 she changed her first name to Miley in honor of Miley Cyrus. Like Camden Benares, she changed her legal name to her Discordian name (although her Discordian name before becoming Miley Spears in 2009 was Sister Creamy or sometimes Sister C). In the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), she is known as Ariel Lovechild.

She began allegedly studying at Miskatonic University in 2012, although officially she was a student at the University of Texas where she became a member of the Knighthood of Buh. She planned to graduate in December 2015 but didn't graduate until June 2016. She was accepted by the Peace Corps in 2020. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she was scheduled to enter until 2022.

In 2016, she was promoted by the major corporation that employed her, becoming one of the company's youngest Human Resources Supervisors.

She is a vegetarian and a card-carrying member of the ACLU, PeTA, ASCPA, SCA, and a restored card-carrying member of the Church of the SubGenius.

Discordian and other work[]

Ms. Spears became a Discordian at age 12 although she knew about the religion before then. She has written Discordian definitions for Urban Dictionary and articles for the Seti23 wiki and Uncyclopedia. For Uncyclopedia, she co-wrote the article on "Discordianism" which features Saint Minnie Rae, and wrote several Discordian American Princess (DAP) articles that were featured (she was named a DAP by Princess Unicornia). She has been published in Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia, Intermittens Magazine, and other Discordian publications. She is a Wikipedia editor and administrator, and has been as a photographer's and artist's model for calendars, paintings and comics, although she maintains a different name and identity for modeling.

In spring 2008, she participated in Discordian Cyberspace Masquerade under the alias Good To The Last Drop. (Participants used unknown aliases to eliminate any preconceptions about each other). At the end of the five-day online event, she revealed herself to be Sister Creamy, her then Discordian name. While on vacation that summer in Texas, she posed for a painting by Gypsie Skripto where she tongue kissed Shamlicht Kids Club member Rosey Tiger. In June, she participated in the "mini-unconvention" ShamliCon and met her biological father although the nature of their relationship was then unknown. Later she and her "biodad" worked on several projects together.

Miley is an active member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and is the adopter and administrator for PETA Wiki which is largely inactive. She campaigns for animal rights and is a vegetarian. She is also an active member of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), so works for the rights of human animals too.

In 2014, she was named to the Order of the Pineapple along with His Wholiness the Rev. DrJon.

In January 2015, she began a revival of the Discordian Wiki, making over 600 edits, starting dozens of articles and uploading dozens of images in her first month. She also began Operation Holydays to get each Discordian holyday its own article. In March 2015, Wikia staff appointed her as adopter, sysop and bureaucrat for Discordia Wikia aka Discordian Wiki. She is the adopter of the Peta Wikia, and is a sysop and bureaucrat for Sexuality Wiki which, due to Wikia restrictions on content, is largely inactive.

She started working on the SubGenius Wikia Clench in 2015 and became an ordained minister in the Church of the SubGenius in July 2015. She was made an administrator of the wiki in August 2015.

In 2018, she became active again at Uncyclopedia, and was made an administrator.

V-card controversy[]

Miley's parents tried to keep her "safe from sex" by not giving her access to sexual information, not letting her be alone with a boy, and keeping her off of the Internet. It didn't work. She lost her "V-card" in 2007 when she was age 12. Penetration by the 13-year-old boy was very slight, but met the legal definition of sexual intercourse. She didn't understand what had happened, but felt no real pain and did not dislike the experience. When she learned what virginity was, she felt she was still a virgin. Later she said she was a virgin 'if you don't count that one time."

ShamliCon, father and painting controversy[]

The kiss

"The Kiss" by Gypsie Skripto featuring Miley Spears and Rosey Tiger.

In summer 2008, she visited her aunt and uncle in Texas. She and Shamlicht Kids Club member Rosey Tiger tongue kissed each other for artist Gypsie Skripto. At the time, Miley was age 13 and Rosey was 12. The resulting painting was named "The Kiss."

During that same summer, Miley participated in ShamliCon as Sister Creamy. ShamliCon was organized partially because of salacious posts she had made in Discordian Cyberspace Masquerade under the alias of Good To The Last Drop. Participants in the masquerade did not reveal their true names, locations, or descriptions including age. For ShamliCon, "Sister Creamy" used false identification so that other participants would not know her true age. During part of the event, the ShamliCon participants and a number of other people got together for a zoo trip and swim party. Without what happened being fully known, through a cousin she met her biological father. Her cousin, who knew their true relationship, told her that he was another of her cousins.

Topless banner controversy[]

As her parents felt they couldn't keep up with Miley's education, they let her attend a combined middle and high school. Just before spring break in March 2009, Miley and another girl posted a banner at their school that said "Go Topless for PETA on Spring Break." The girls actually turned a banner at the combined Central High School/Middle School in Norwood Young America, MN, around. The side that had been displayed in the main school hallway was the school-approved "Have Fun But be Safe on Spring Break." Miley was then 13 years old, almost 14, and her partner was 17.

Miley's parents threatened to send her to her aunt and uncle's house in Texas if she didn't straighten up.

In a newspaper article, Miley claimed the effort was approved by, but not sponsored by, a PETA website administrator. She continued to participate in topless protests each year during spring break (around March 14 to 22, and on August 23, 2015 and other dates in Austin, Texas), and produced posters available on her website.

Internet controversy[]

Miley had been allowed to have Internet access when she was 13 years old as part of her home schooling, but could only use it through a strict web filter. With help, she bypassed this within a week. She became active on Facebook and 4chan, and viewed and read pornography online.

As her spending money was greatly restricted, as Sister Creamy she sold some used intimate apparel over the Internet. (As of September 2015, Ebay no longer allowed the selling of used panties unless they are listed as vintage and have not been recently worn, although used diapers can be sold if washed[1].) Miley no longer sells her used intimate or any other apparel, and has requested she not be asked to do so.

At age 14, on June 9, 2009, she signed up for the wikia site Uncyclopedia and made several edits. Uncyclopedia was a humor wiki that included explicit references to sex and violence. Her parents discovered her activities right after she started on Uncyclopedia, and cut off her access to the Internet.

Believing their daughter out of control, her parents sent her to her aunt and uncle's house in Texas to "straighten her out." She was living in Texas when her parents both died in 2010.

SCA controversy[]

Ariel lovechild device1-505x600

SCA device of "Ariel Lovechild" (Miley Spears)

In 2011, Miley submitted the name Ariel Lovechild and a device or "coat of arms" to the historical recreationist group Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). She and her heraldic advisor Eldwin Nightowl (her SCA son) were told the combination could not pass because the name Ariel coupled with a mermaid in her device was "too Disney" (as in The Little Mermaid), and that her use of a pentagram violated SCA rules of heraldry. Eldwin had specifically researched and encouraged her submission as a challenge to precedent. The name and device both passed, overruling a previous precedent and setting a new one.

(See also Wikia controversy below)

Discordian controversy[]

In 2012 while she was still underage, the leader and members of a popular Discordian website accused Miley of committing sexual crimes. Her family sent a certified letter to the website's leader threatening a lawsuit for libel and defamation if the remarks were not removed. The remarks were taken down, but the site posted a thread insulting her and also engaged in email bombing and sending threats of retaliation against Miley and her family.

Go Topless controversy[]

She participated in Go Topless Day when she was ready to begin her freshman year in high school in 2012. The movement asserts that a woman's chest and nipples should be legally and socially treated same as a man's. She continued to protest each year. While female protestors in some areas are required to cover their nipples, which is often done with pasties that look like nipples, Austin allows women to go topless in public. Male protestors sometimes go topless but often wear bikini tops or bras. She participated in Austin on 23 August 2015 and 28 August 2016, but the 2017 protest was cancelled due to rain. She participated in 2018 and later in various locations.

Black Hole Sun controversy[]

She often uses images from the music video of Soundgarden's song "Black Hole Sun" from the album Superunknown. After she learned the identify of her biological father, he told her there was a connection between her and that song, but didn't tell her what it was. Years later, he said he made his "donation" while watching the "Black Hole Sun" video on MTV.

SubGenius controversy[]

After Miley became an admin of SubGenius Wikia Clench, the site and Miley's email were hit with complaints from people claiming to be long-established card-carrying members of the Church of the SubGenius. Complaints regarded the removal of administration status of two members including the site's founder who had not been active for two years; Miley and the site's adopter not showing proof of being card-carrying Church members (even though requiring membership in a group violated Wikia's policy); and posting "original research" on the Church prior to the 1980 incorporation of the SubGenius Foundation.

Miley was barred from the private SubGenius Google group, the Church's main online discussion group. She was email bombed with spam and sexually-explicit and graphically violent images especially ones depicting images of screaming women and tentacle rape (descriptions of the tentacled Cthulu and prairie squid are commonly used by the Church); and received numerous threats. After Miley got a Church membership in 2015 and put the name of both herself and the site's adopter/admin on the membership, the two were barraged with accusations of being the same person. Miley had the adopter's name removed from the membership, and, after the return of the site's founder, proposed the restoration of his adminship. In spite of that, she was banned from the Church and her membership fees were returned.

In December 2016, SubGenius Foundation co-founder Rev. Ivan Stang allowed her to purchase a new membership which she did.

In January 2017, she posted a poster of the "Early Church of the SubGenius Reunion" for June - July 2017 on the Church Facebook site. The poster came from ConnieDobbs.com. She asked who could go to the event. This resulted in several responses against her and the event until the post was removed. A video was posted by an administrator of the Facebook group that spoke against her and SubGenius Wikia Clench. She was removed from the Facebook group. She was advised to not attend any future Church of the SubGenius events.

The SubGenius X-Day and the warning to not attend any SubGenius events, the alleged reunion, and a pagan festival inspired the creation of The Grove Gathering held July 7 - 9, 2017, in Texas.

Miley's reporting of a "dangerous experiment" at X-Day and its accompanying audio posted online sparked threats in Aug. 2017. A person with an unnamed account profanely insulted the article and SubGenius Wikia Clench as a whole, and sexually insulted Miley. The poster threatened to "make it my mision (sic) to turn your names into s**t among SubGenii." The person made repeated threats both on the Wikia site and on Facebook. The poster's identify was verified as being a former executive of the Church of the SubGenius. Miley's handling of the conflict was praised by Wikia staff, but was controversial among church members.

She planned to attend X-Day in July 2018. While Church Co-Founder Rev. Ivan Stang said he personally would welcome her, he also warned Miley that to be admitted to the site she would have to show an ID, revealing her identity to others. She accepted the warning and didn't go.

Facebook controversy[]

Because Facebook then required members to use their "real" (legal) name, in 2014 Miley was forced to show her driver license or lose her Facebook account. Company officials did not believe her legal name was Miley Spears until she showed proof (she had legally changed her first name to Miley).

Facebook's policy meant that authors who used pen names such as Adam Gorightly, Alden Loveshade, Phillo Drummond, and Ivan Stang could lose their accounts. This caused the same problem for actors, singers, and other performers who used aliases. Facebook also would not accept many people's legal names because they were from languages other than English, but those people could still be penalized for not using their legal name.

It was a dangerous policy for transgendered people, those who had a sexuality different than heterosexual, and for those who had restraining orders or were in hiding. A Facebook employee who had pioneered gender-friendly policies there was actually banned from Facebook because of using a non-legal name.[2] One woman, who had successfully hidden from a man who sexually abused her for years, was forced to use her real name and was found almost immediately by her abuser. Miley joined thousands of others to get Facebook to change their policy. After a year of complaints, in December 2015 Facebook allowed people to use their "real" name, now meaning a name they were known by even if it wasn't their legal name.[3]

In June 2017, Miley's roommate wanted a man she knew only online to stay at their apartment for a few days. The man had made threats and challenged people on Facebook to come to his home and kill him in March 2017. Miley refused to let the man, whom she had never met, stay in her and her roommate's apartment. As a result, the man made threats against several members of Miley's family, and challenged her family members to come and kill him. Miley gathered information of the threats, and turned them over to the police for a possible restraining order. She said she didn't want them to do anything against him as long as he stopped making threats and did not attempt to see her. The report was kept on file, and the man was moved into a mental institution.

Wikia/FANDOM controversy[]

In November 2017, the SCA device or "coat of arms" of Ariel Lovechild aka Miley was removed by Wikia (later called FANDOM) staff. A staff member wrote "...the image shows bare breasts and so can't be on the wiki. It would be okay without the nipples...."[4] Heraldic advisor and Wikia administrator Alden Loveshade wrote to staff "...the 'nipples' consist of what are essentially two dots," but staff said the image could not be restored if the nipples were visible.

Alden made an appeal. As Wikia sometimes made exceptions for historical art, Miley provided them with links to a number of images of mermaids drawn before 1600. All of these were more explicit than the image on the device, most of them showing large pendulous breasts with prominent nipples. A helpful staff member consulted a supervisor, and the decision was reversed. The appeal was a success.[5]

In 2020, Miley posted a link to a tongue-in-cheek article in the FANDOM Discord channel. It was about how the Steve Jackson Games Illuminati card game predicted many things including the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, Miley was blocked from the channel for three days. An admin claimed she was promoting a conspiracy theory.

Pagan controversy[]

Even though raised as a conservative Christian, Miley became an initiate or junior member of a pagan coven in May 2017. Following the common but not universal principle of "a year and a day," she became eligible for consideration for full membership in May 2018. However, several full members of the coven were not present for the full moon ceremony or esbat in May, and several, including the high priestess and high priest, were on vacation in June. Finally, at The Gathering in the Grove in July, all members were present. They decided to elevate Miley to full Priestess which was held on the day of a blood moon and lunar eclipse on 27 July 2018. Because she was soon leaving the country to serve in a remote area for the Peace Corps, she was made an associate member of the coven on 14 June 2022.

Sockpuppet controversy[]

In April 2019, Miley and a number of other people were accused of being sockpuppets of each other on two popular and closely related websites, one on FANDOM. Some including Miley were removed from their administrative status from some websites, and some were banned from editing wikis, including wikis they had never edited.

Those who were accused of being sockpuppets, in most cases falsely, of the same person and were blocked included Binky The WonderSkull, Cainad, Brenton Clutterbuck, Black Enforcer, Devil Details, Dill Kevlar, GINA Is Not an Acronym, Pope Hildegard, PuppyOnTheRadio, Reverend Lovehade, PlacidDingo, Miley Spears, Un-Minnie, Michael Lee Viviano, Why? and Why do I need to provide this?, Llwy-ar-lawr AKA Ris Teq, Romartus, and FANDOM staff members Sannse and JoePlay were also accused. In fact, JoePlay was blocked by the adopter of a related FANDOM site for which he had approved the adoption! FANDOM reverted the block. FANDOM soon removed the entire Uncyclopedia site.

Peace Corps controversy[]

Miley had been turned down by the Peace Corps partially because of some of the controversies she had been involved in. Later she reapplied, and in November 2019 was accepted. Because of COVID-19, the Peace Corp temporarily suspended most of its work, and volunteers were inactive. She announced later that she was going into active duty in June 2022. As she was assigned to a remote area, she would be largely out of touch by phone or internet for a couple of years.

Wikipedia controversy[]

She had signed up to edit Wikipedia when age 13 under a name different than Miley Spears. She got in an online argument with another editor, and was blocked from editing. She was later reinstated. After making edits there for several years, she was made a Wikipedia administrator.